Start designing ecommerce stores with Shopify

In this free Shopify training session, we’ll share practical tips, tricks, and techniques to help you start modifying, developing, and building Shopify themes.

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Grow your ecommerce expertise by learning a new skill

Shopify's ecommerce solution powers over 500,000 stores across the globe. Knowing how to customize themes on Shopify gives web designers and developers a desirable set of skills that can be used to grow their freelance or agency business.

Find everything you need to get started with Shopify theming

We'll cover the workflow of a typical project, how to create development stores, and the components of a Shopify theme, ensuring you’re ready to tackle any Shopify project that comes your way, and bring more value to your clients.

Learn the important fundamentals of Shopify theming


Learn how to edit a Shopify theme through the online editor, and how to set up locally so you can use your own tooling.

Theme Settings

Navigate the settings_schema.json file to completely customize the theme settings of your clients’ Shopify stores.

Alternative Templates

Modify the way you show your theme’s content on products, collections, blogs, and other pages with alternative templates.

“Get started with Shopify theming by understanding how your existing knowledge and skill sets are transferable to Shopify.”

Tiffany Tse, Training Instructor
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