chapter 4

Lesson 4: Retail Merchandising, Inventory, and In-Store Displays

Video transcript

Properly merchandising your pop-up store is not an easy feat. There are a few things you want to keep in mind. First and foremost, less is sometimes more. It's best to think of your bestsellers. This is your one-time to really make an impression with your customer and how you're going to do that with your bestsellers.

Think of those pieces as your focal point. It's also great to have a full-sized run because you don't know who's going to walk through that door yet. You can keep your back stock nicely organized in the back and replenish as needed.

Also think of your customer and how do they shop and how do they look for things. Do color stories turn them on? Are there trends that you can incorporate into the look of your store? Also creating fully merchandised looks, whether it's for a man, a woman, or children, is a great way to get your customer to add more than one item into their cart when they're checking out from your pop-up store.

You can merchandise the store with color stories, bringing in nice, vibrant colors of the season. It's also great to have lifestyle images so that your customer can easily see how they're going to put outfits together. When collaborating with other brands that are complimenting yours, make sure that they have complete outfits so that you can have a fully merchandised look in your store as well.

Outside of your focal image of bestsellers, you can also keep the conversation going throughout the store by creating contrast with different levels, different dimensions,  the racks at one level, the shelves at another, and each little area is creating another mini story within your main story.

Merchandising is a key way to tell your brand story in a space. Remember, less is more and bestsellers are your focal point.

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