chapter 6

Lesson 6: The Necessary Store Signage & Decals

Video transcript

Because the story you’re telling in a pop-up store starts from the outside in, you can never underestimate the important of signage. We’ll address the types of signs, the messages they can convey and best practices for placing your order. There are at least four types of signs that you should keep in mind when planning out your store signage for your pop-up shop: window signage, billboard-like; exterior wall signs; interior wall decals and a sandwich board.

A lot of people underestimate the power of the sign, but this is your number one call to action starting from the streets, so you really want to think through your signage and what it’s going to say. Your wall signage is a great place to have your store name, the words “pop-up” so people understand urgency, the time that you’re open, the dates, your website address in case you are closed and they want to check out what else you have going on and if you’ve incorporated the hashtag into your marketing strategies, slap that on the window as well.

Sometimes it’s good to think go big or go home and there you have the billboard signage. Here, it’s also important to have your call to action, a clear message and a very easy way for people to follow up with you once they’ve looked at the sign. Then you have your wall, interior decal, that’s a great place to place your logo and your sandwich board. It’s a nice, fun way to grab somebody’s attention with something new and fresh that’s happening that day.

Then you want to think of the best practices regardless what you’re ordering. Make sure that the font is clear, even if you’re writing it on your sandwich board and think of the dimensions of the window, so you want to use perhaps that floor plan app again. Make sure that the lettering that you’re ordering will keep it centered, large enough to read from the street, place it at a height that it can grab eye level attention but isn’t blocking what’s happening inside the store window.

That wraps up signage. Remember, signage is your key call to action from the outside in, so make sure your message is clear.

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