chapter 5

Lesson 5: Visual Merchandising With Creative Window Displays

Video transcript

Let’s take a look at some examples. Here is a storefront window that’s telling the story of spring. It’s important to incorporate those types of lifestyle messages in your window. Do that with a key focal point, ideally with some of your bestsellers and then accessories it with other elements that complete that story. The more specific the better and the stronger it is going to be as a hook to driving people inside your store.

Also remember that store signage is important and that it doesn’t cover what’s happening on the inside and really let people see into the store from the window as well, even though you’re telling a lifestyle message, so they could peek through, know you’re open and want to come inside the store.

Depending on how long your pop-up store is going to be open, it’s also great to pre-plan window changes. If you’re open for a month, perhaps you’ll plan one mid-month. If you’re looking for inspiration, Pinterest boards are great for that, so is, retail design blog, which all keep ideas flowing so that they are easy to pick out when it’s time to change your window.

Also be sure you have some best sellers in your back pocket for somebody who shops right off your mannequin and you have to replace it. The key thing to keep in mind is your window is the number one place of really drawing somebody into your store, so hook them with a powerful lifestyle message.

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