chapter 1

Lesson 1: Why You Need To Do A Pop-Up Shop

Video transcript

Hi, my name is Melissa Gonzales. I am the founder of The Lionesque group. We are pop-up architects and we have been producing pop-up stores since 2009.

Why do a pop-up shop? A pop-up is a temporary time frame where you have to leave a permanent impression with your customer, with press, with bloggers. There's a lot of reasons why a brand may do a pop-up store, and it ranges.

It could be a new product launch, seasonal sales, testing a new market. It could be to build customer relationships. It could be for market research, or perhaps you have a product that's really technical and you want to do a demo where people can actually get educated about what makes your product stand out.

There are a lot of benefits of doing a pop-up shop because there's a limited time frame to it, so you could really hone in on your goals. There's an affordability aspect to it because you're isolating your dollars to a limited time period in a specific goal. You also can make a short term commitment. If things aren't going so well, there's things that you can change for next time. If things are going really well, perhaps you can convince your landlord to go a little bit longer.

There's also the opportunity to really generate buzz because you're really honing in on a specific message, a specific marketing opportunity. Maybe you're offering a limited time period for a product to be available. It creates a sense of urgency with your customers, with the press, and with bloggers.

You also can do a lot of testing and experimentation. From day-to-day, you can see what's working better and you can very quickly adapt to really focus in on the things that are going stronger than others.

Also, it's great for brand extension. Perhaps your brand really does have a great reach, but you're not sure if your new product's going to do well. It's a little bit of a variation from your core offering. It's a great opportunity to really test the market and get data to back your insights, sign people up for your newsletters, and let them be evangelists for your brand if they really love what's going on.

The biggest thing to really think about before starting a pop-up shop is why you're doing it goal-wise. As long as you focus in on that, then the benefits could be endless.

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