The Shopify Commerce Awards


The Shopify Commerce Awards recognizes the best in development, design, and innovation in the Shopify ecosystem. The program provides teams, agencies, and individuals the opportunity to showcase their work and amplify their businesses within Shopify and beyond.

2020 Hall of fame

Best custom storefront — UX and FED

by Ctrl+Alt+Delete

New York-based Ctrl+Alt+Del was approached by cereal brand OffLimits to create a highly customized and branded store experience for customers including a custom points system not reliant on discount codes. Ctrl+Alt+Del built a powerful Sanity CMS integration to allow for playful customizations to cursors, animations, and designs. They also built a custom points system inside the CRM to allow customers to use their points to purchase toys, instead of redeeming the points for a product discount. Ctrl+Alt+Del was awarded Best custom storefront for their playful design, smooth keyboard navigation, and use of animation and illustration.

Best mobile store experience — UX and FED

by Pattern + Presidio

Pattern + Presidio push the limits by focusing on three core competencies: experience design, strategy and branding, and flagships and platforms. Their wellness client Natreve engaged them to bring the Natreve brand to market in Canada and the United States. Pattern + Presidio successfully launched the brand through a lifestyle ecommerce experience that leverages mobile-first shopping features, clean design, and a 3D product interaction that allows customers to visualize how Natreve’s products will look on their countertops. Pattern + Presidio was awarded Best mobile store experience for their mobile-first approach, unique cart design, and creative use of motion.

Best custom product page — UX and FED

Wild Cosmetics
by Eastside Co

Eastside Co is recognized within the Shopify community as a leader in ecommerce services. Direct-to-consumer deodorant brand Wild Cosmetics approached the agency to migrate their store to Shopify and implement a subscription functionality for customers. Eastside Co used the ReCharge app to create a subscription-first focus for the brand while carefully redesigning the site to ensure a seamless experience for customers. Eastside Co was awarded Best custom product page for their bold brand work, creative use of GIFs, and personalized bundle feature for customers.

Best omnichannel experience — Development and apps

Sesami: Appointment Booking
by Sesami Inc.

Powered by an understanding of the challenges faced by service-based entrepreneurs, Sesami Inc. set out to create an appointment booking service that would allow customers to book and pay for appointments directly from a Shopify website or POS. Sesami: Appointment Booking automatically adapts to 95% of the standard Shopify themes, requiring little to no development work. Through this build, Sesami Inc. has innovated and extended Shopify’s commerce enablement into the service industry. Sesami Inc was awarded Best omnichannel experience for creating a truly fluid experience for both merchants and customers through a simple store integration.

Best app user interface — Development and apps

ModeMagic Badges: Sale Booster
by Mason

After analyzing 1000+ stores, Mason noticed many Shopify product feeds weren’t designed to spark customer connections, and in many cases, merchants were generating traffic to their stores, but no sales. The team set out to provide a simple and effective solution that would empower merchants to visually enhance their feeds. With ModeMagic - Badges & Labels, merchants use labels like ‘Few Left’ and ‘New’ to grab the attention of customers and boost sales. Mason was awarded Best app user interface for its exceptional UI, simple integration, and creative approach to helping direct-to-consumer businesses boost sales.

Best storefront app — Development and apps

Octane AI for Shop Quiz, Messenger, and SMS
by Octane AI

In 2019, Octane AI discovered Shopify merchants were unable to easily create branded quizzes to build product recommendations for customers. Fueled by their passion to democratize personalization technology for merchants, they launched Octane AI for Shop Quiz, Messenger, and SMS. With the ability to fully integrate with Shopify and all Shopify apps, the app enables merchants to personalize the customer experience with features like branded quizzes, add-to-cart options, and virtual shopping assistants. Octante AI was awarded Best storefront app for its seamless integration across Shopify, strong UI, and personalized features.

Best store rebuild — Overall builds

by We Make Websites

Shopify’s Harley Finkelstein once referred to We Make Websites as “one of the most successful ecommerce agencies on the planet.” When the mission-driven apparel brand Pangaia approached the agency to rebuild a custom store, the team knew they had to design something that could scale and provide a stage for Pangaia’s products and sustainable impact. By emphasizing the brand story, the team unified the store experience by consolidating off-site pages and adding customizations that conveyed the brand’s mission. The rebuild improved the store’s overall UX and design and reduced site speed from 4.24 seconds to 2.44 seconds. We Make Websites was awarded Best store rebuild for its clean design, highly customized product page, and creative use of brand narrative throughout the website.

Best store migration — Overall builds

Fika Swedish Kitchen
by Artie Codes

Australia-based Artie Codes specializes in website craftsmanship and ecommerce expertise. At the onset of COVID-19, Fika Swedish Kitchen approached Artie Codes to migrate their store to Shopify to maximize online sales and enable flexibility for features like order pickups. Using the Debut theme as a foundation, Artie Codes customized the theme to create a fun and engaging web storefront with customizations for multiple locations, menus, and product offerings. Artie Codes was awarded Best store migration for seamlessly transitioning Fika Swedish Kitchen’s products and content onto the Shopify platform, while also adding new features like order pickups for multiple locations.

Best offline to online — Overall builds

Old Souls
by Juicyorange

Juicyorange specializes in design, web development, and strategic consulting. Retailer Old Souls approached the agency to bring the uniqueness of their brick-and-mortar store onto the Shopify platform. Using JS, Liquid Coding, and CSS, the team built a custom storefront that captured the outdoor spirit of the small-town store and leveraged Old Souls’ sense of wanderlust. The result was a seamlessly branded website that offers a highly curated collection of goods. Juicyorange was awarded Best offline to online for building all store components on the Shopify platform while translating the uniqueness of the Old Souls brick-and-mortar location into an online store.

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