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Algolia is the leading search and discovery platform for Shopify Plus merchants who want to analyze, optimize, and merchandise their shopper experience. With Algolia, content is delivered to visitors in the moments that matter, ensuring shoppers easily find what they are looking for and discover even more - increasing conversion and upsell. Unlike other search integrations, Algolia empowers Plus merchants to create fast, frictionless experiences with guaranteed uptime and support.

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October 2016


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We chose Algolia because its APls are super-easy to work with and well documented. One goal is scalability; Black Friday we had 450,000 concurrent users on site. Having somebody that can scale up with us is really important. And we like how Algolia innovates, we're always getting new features.

Ben Pusey, Software Product OwnerGymshark

I think about my business in terms of what's better for my customers. And I know Algolia is better for my customers, so I want to have it in place. It's the same with Shopify Plus, it's more expensive, but I knew it was the best solution and I want to have the best solutions.

Piotr Tuszewicki, Co-FounderNoski Noski

At Diff, we work with large enterprise clients that have the strictest demands for onsite search capabilities. Algolia’s ability to integrate directly with Shopify allows us to confidently recommend that our merchants’ needs will be exceeded when using their platform.

Ashley Pomeranz, Director - Account Management, Sales, PartnershipsDiff