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Turn customers into Superfans with Okendo. Our unified platform for reviews, referrals, loyalty, quizzes and surveys, make it easy to cultivate advocacy, scale word-of-mouth and maximize lifetime value. 10,000+ Shopify brands use Okendo to mobilize their customers for faster and more efficient growth, including SKIMS, Liquid Death and Oh Polly.

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Make the switch! We’ve been so impressed with Okendo. We get more reviews, enhanced customer data, and better support - all at a lower cost.

Britanny Carter, Head of Digital ProductVegamour

Okendo Surveys helps us accurately measure NPS, giving us the insights needed to make our products and overall experience better.

Feastables, Jessica CervellonHead of CX

The loyalty program helps us make it much more efficient [to connect with our VIBs, or Very Important Bronzers]. Now, we have a strategy to start fostering relationships with those VIBs.

Maddy Balderson, Director & Co-FounderLuna Bronze