Goal Setting with Daymond John

The #1 secret to Daymond John’s success is his goal-setting process. Learn his breakthrough goal-setting method that turned his small business into a billion-dollar brand.

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Goal-setting will reframe your thinking to plan for long-term success.

Daymond John didn’t go to business school. He didn’t get bank loans or start with a board of investors.

He learned how to sew. He learned how to sell. And through his persistence, he built FUBU into a multi-billion dollar fashion empire.

Today, as one of ABC Shark Tank’s most prolific investors, Daymond guides his portfolio of companies through the business building journey.

In this course, you get an inside look at how Daymond helps entrepreneurs set goals and follow through to achieve them.

3 Benefits to Goal Setting

Learn why Daymond credits goal-setting as his #1 secret to his success.

The Power of Why

Understand the impact of starting with your Why and how it can power your business success.

Negotiate for What You Want

Get Daymond’s tips on how to negotiate for win-win situations.

Bouncing Back After Missing a Goal

Learn how to break down failures so you can set goals effectively.

Meet your instructor

Daymond John

Starting with just a $40 budget, years of perseverance, determination, and some big bets along the way, Daymond John built FUBU into an iconic fashion brand.

Since then, Daymond has starred as an investor on the hit-show Shark Tank, investing and consulting with hundreds of fast-growing businesses.

A celebrated speaker and New York Times bestselling author, Daymond focuses his time on enabling other entrepreneurs to succeed, whether it’s through brand consultation, goal-setting exercises, or strategic decision-making.

Course outline

Having developed a framework early in his career based on Napoleon Hill’s process, Daymond credits his goal-oriented career for some of his biggest successes.

In this course, you’ll learn how to set goals that are measurable and impactful. To pursue your goals, you’ll get strategic guidance from Daymond on how to build influence, negotiate, and develop business relationships that last.


Goal Setting Framework

Structure your goals productively so that you’re measuring your success effectively. With the right framework, you’ll stay on track without getting overwhelmed.

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The Follow-Through Formula

Turn your goals into a daily routine to keep you on track. As you pursue your goals, learn to develop your influence and negotiation strategies to get to your goals faster.

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Reflect and Reassess

Learn how to bounce back from failure and teach members of your team how to set goals that work.

Begin module three


Daymond’s Daily Routines

Discover Daymond’s easy-to-implement process for making goal-setting a daily ritual

Begin module four

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Frequently asked questions

Who is this course for?

Small and medium sized business owners and employees can benefit from business-oriented goal setting. Whether it’s launching a product or simply making more time for your family, executing an effective goal-setting exercise can be critical to your business (and life). This course is helpful for beginner, intermediate and advanced knowledge of goal-setting.

How can something like setting goals make my business more money?

While every business is different, many share common challenges. Not knowing where to start; not knowing what to focus on. Setting goals can provide your never-ending hustle with structure and direction. Daymond shares examples from his own businesses around identifying goals, constantly reflecting and reassessing to keep his business on track.

How can I track my goals?

This course includes a 12-page workbook to help you follow along and follow through with the goals you set after Daymond’s course.

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