Meet the most intuitive, most powerful, most unified Shopify yet

Expand across markets


A new, unified home for markets

Now you can more easily expand across B2B, retail, and regions, and tailor the customer experience for each, with the new Markets.

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10Product Bundles

Product bundles in draft orders & Shop

You can now add product bundles to your draft orders and on Shop, for more opportunities to increase your average order value.


New product category filter

Help customers quickly filter products with category filters in the Search & Discovery app if you use Shopify's Standard Product Taxonomy.


Sort your filters using AI or manually

Reorder the filter values on your collection and search result pages using Shopify Magic, or manually, in the Search & Discovery app.

14Data & content

Support for metaobjects in third-party CMS

Liquid and Hydrogen storefronts can access third-party CMS data with support for metaobjects, currently available in the Sanity Connect app.


15Data & content

Bulk import & export metafields

Product import and export now supports product metafields, making it easier than ever to manage your product metafields in bulk.

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17Point of sale

Require customer & staff info at checkout

You can now require emails and other customer info during checkout, as well as the name of the employee who completed the sale.

20Point of sale

Reliable rules for returns

Streamline your in-store returns with rules. Staff can quickly determine whether or not a product can be returned, and customers can clearly know why.

23POS Extensions

New extensions for the smart grid

Track key inventory workflows with the new Stocky UI extensions for receiving purchase orders. 

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24Point of sale

Rebuilt shipping orders

Retail staff can now easily edit orders that will ship to customers directly in the POS, without losing info or sales.

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25Point of sale

Create draft orders in POS

Retail employees can now create and manage draft orders in the POS, across multiple locations and devices.

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26Point of sale

A new design for POS details

Staff can more easily view details and workflows from the products, orders, and customers screens when completing in-store tasks.

27Point of sale

Remote, consolidated cash tracking

Streamline end-of-day reporting by exporting register sessions from the admin and using APIs to sync cash tracking reports with your accounting software.

28Point of sale

Fully-hardwired Android POS setup

Increase connectivity and reliability by fully hardwiring your Android tablet, POS Terminal, barcode scanner, and more.

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29Point of sale

Android support for POS Terminal

Pair any Android tablet to your POS Terminal and Countertop Kit for a fully connected countertop setup for Shopify POS.

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30Point of sale

Best-in-class POS hardware in more countries

POS Terminal and POS Go are now available in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, and the UK.

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32Markets for B2B

Customize your store for each B2B market

Create multiple B2B marketseach with their own unique catalogs and storefront theme customization—no coding required. Available soon, exclusive to Plus.


Fetch supplier shipping rates at checkout

Shopify Collective now lets you charge accurate supplier shipping rates at checkout based on weight and location, rather than charging a flat rate.


Real-time overselling protection

Shopify Collective now instantly confirms inventory between stores to prevent lost sales and unfulfillable orders.


Instant price lists when you connect

Instantly share, or receive, price lists when connecting on Shopify Collective, so your partnership can pay off sooner.

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Create price lists in bulk with filters

Create custom price lists more efficiently with Shopify Collective by selecting all products, or by using filters such as a product’s tag.

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Payment terms in draft order invoices

Send invoices for draft orders with payment terms so B2B customers can review and pay when due. 


Company profiles support 10K locations

Create up to 10K ship-to locations per company for your largest, most complex B2B customers. Exclusive to Plus.

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Manual payment methods for B2B

Offer B2B customers manual payment methods at checkout, such as bank transfers, checks, and international wires.


Filtering support for companies

You can now use metafields to quickly filter company and company location indexes. Exclusive to Plus.


Headless B2B storefronts

You can now build headless B2B storefronts using the Storefront API and Customer Account API. Exclusive to Plus.


Sync data with Microsoft Business Central

Sync product prices in catalogs, B2B customers into companies, and more with an updated Shopify Connector app. Exclusive to Plus.

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45Managed Markets

Markets Pro is now Managed Markets

Include duties and taxes in regional prices, avoid selling restricted products, secure better shipping rates, and edit existing orders for a more international buyer-friendly experience with Managed Markets.

46Managed Markets

Include duties in your product prices

Avoid unexpected costs at checkout by including duties and taxes as part of the product price for international buyers.

47Managed Markets

Understand regional selling restrictions

Know which products are restricted from sale in certain regions, and why, with Managed Markets now offering clear notifications, publication statuses, and product index filtering.

48managed markets

Manually edit existing orders

Adjust the details of any order after it's placed, giving you more control of orders with Managed Markets.

49managed markets

Ship faster for less with UPS

Managed Markets unlocks UPS Worldwide Expedited®, and UPS® Standard to Canada and Mexico, with better rates and duties paid up front.


Multiple business entities, one store

You can now run multiple Shopify Payments accounts tied to each of your business entities in one Shopify store. Exclusive to Plus.

51Markets for regions

Faster, easier international expansion

It's now easier to expand into new regions with Markets. Simply make regional tweaks to any existing market you sell in, rather than creating new markets from scratch.

53Managed Markets

Unblock payouts with Managed Markets

Quickly take action to unblock your Managed Markets payouts with better visibility into the order's status and timely alerts.


Manual payment capture in Managed Markets

Managed Markets now accepts manual capture requests for orders on hold, so you can capture payments as soon as orders are accepted and before they are fulfilled.


Save time and money at customs

Managed Markets now automatically enhances product descriptions shared with carriers, for faster clearance at customs. 


Improved payment routing

Managed Markets automatically retries transactions with multiple gateways and entities to improve your payment success rate.


USD payouts available in Canada

Shopify Payments can pay out in both US and Canadian dollars, saving you fees for currency conversion.


Pay your bill by direct debit

You can now pay for your Basic, Shopify, or Advanced plan using SEPA direct debit in DE, NL, DK, and CH.


Display product prices by unit of measurement

Increase pricing transparency in the EU and Switzerland by displaying the price of a product by unit, for example price per kilo.


Konbini and QR code payments in Japan

It's now easier to accept popular Japanese payment methods including Konbini and QR codes.


Yen billing is now available in Japan

Pay for your Basic, Shopify, or Advanced plan in Japanese Yen for more pricing stability.

63App Guide

Suggested shipping apps in Japan

Get suggestions for the best local shipping apps to use when fulfilling orders in Japan.

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World's best checkout


Split shipping in checkout

Give customers more clarity and choice at checkout by showing them when an order will be split into multiple shipments. They can choose the lowest price, the fastest delivery, or custom shipping options.


Capture payment per fulfillment

Automate payment capture when part of an order is fulfilled to meet customer preferences and reporting requirements. Exclusive to Plus.


PCI DSS v4 compliance

Be better prepared for new payment card industry standards ahead of the April 2025 deadline by upgrading to Checkout Extensibility.


Expand pickup points at checkout

Build custom apps that connect to any third-party pickup point network of your choice. Exclusive to Plus.


More options for address autocomplete

Replace the native address autocomplete feature with a provider of your choice with Checkout Extensibility.


More address fields at checkout

Checkout Extensibility now supports more address fields to capture region-specific details, such as neighborhoods in Brazil.


Prefilled delivery addresses

With Checkout Extensibility, you can expedite checkout and avoid errors with prefilled and one-time-use addresses.


Capture tax ID at checkout

Improve regional shipping in more countries using optional tax ID fields.


Shipping options for subscriptions

Customers can choose a shipping speed for their first subscription delivery, with recurring shipments defaulting to the cheapest option.

76Draft Orders

Enable discounts on draft orders

You can now allow customers to use discount codes when paying draft order invoices. 


Shop Pay Installments pre-qualification

Help customers feel more confident at checkout by showing them if they are pre-qualified to buy now and pay later with Shop Pay Installments.


Shop Pay default addresses

Shop Pay customers can now save a default address to breeze through checkout.


Shop Pay supports iDEAL

Shop Pay now supports the leading payment method in the Netherlands, giving customers more ways to pay.

80Checkout Sheet Protocol

Better checkout for partners

Partners like TikTok can now use Checkout Sheet Protocol to offer customers a conversion-optimized checkout experience.

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82AI for Operations

Sidekick, your personal Shopify assistant

Thousands of stores can now use Sidekick to tackle time-consuming tasks, jumpstart creativity, and make better business decisions with expert, tailored advice.

83AI for Conversations

Suggested replies in Inbox

Eligible stores will soon be able to quickly answer customer questions in Shopify Inbox with AI-generated replies that understand your business. 

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Connect with customers

94YouTube Shopping

Tap into trusted YouTube creators

Advanced and Plus plans will soon be able to join the YouTube Shopping affiliates program. Sync your products and a network of verified YouTube creators can tag them in their videos. Available in the US.


Permissions for customer data

Manage your staff's access to customer data with better controls for creating, editing, and deleting customer records.

97Email marketing

Email insights & editing

Track emails with more deliverability insights, and up level design with templates and editing features including embedded video in Shopify Email.

99Email marketing

Share marketing automations

Import, export, and duplicate marketing automations from other stores or partners to use across all your stores.

100Customer events

More data in pixels

Collect richer data on standard pixel events, including URL, domain, and checkout objects such as localization and payments.

101Customer events

The new Shopify Pixel Helper

Know when your pixels are working with the Shopify Pixel Helper, making it easier to create and debug pixels.

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103Pickup in store

Enable store transfers to easily transfer inventory to any retail location for pickup, so customers can choose to collect online orders from their most convenient store location.


Shop Promise is more widely available

Now all eligible US stores can increase conversions with the trusted Shop Promise badge.

110Marketplace Connect

Easily add category & type on Amazon

Marketplace Connect now recommends product category and type to make it easier to list discoverable products on Amazon.

111Order printer

The new Shopify Order Printer

Print with a more intuitive interface and improved performance using the new Shopify Order Printer app.


A new index to manage locations

Sort and filter your locations to more easily manage settings such as pickup in store, local delivery, POS, and more.


Manage exchanges with APIs

You can now use APIs to manage exchanges, including return shipping, restocking fees, triggers for new fulfillment orders, and more.


Pickup points in the UK & Spain

Customers in the UK and Spain can now get their order shipped to pickup points like parcel shops and post offices with Shopify Shipping. More regions coming soon.

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Centralize operations


We’ve rebuilt our analytics tech stack to make it faster, more flexible, and more intuitive. Get deeper insights about your store's performance in real time. And soon, use ShopifyQL to query your data right inside a report.


Organization settings for all plans

Soon all plans will be able to efficiently manage billing, staff access, and more for multiple stores by combining them all under a single organization.


Assign staff access with roles

Assign access to users based on role, or multiple roles. If you're on Shopify Plus, you can organize and manage users in bulk with groups.


A context-aware top navigation

We've reimagined navigation, replacing traditional buttons and modals with a sleek, intuitive top bar that adapts seamlessly to the task at hand.

120Apps in admin

Find apps when you need them

Find prioritized apps across the admin with new discovery entry points, embedded action cards, and contextualized guidance.


Easier metafield access in Flow

Flow can now access metafield values by namespace and key, so you can more easily automate workflows based on custom data.


Manual reruns in Flow

You can now test and correct runtime errors in Flow by manually rerunning workflows to improve reliability and build faster.


Easier Flow troubleshooting

Easily find workflow runs in Flow with an improved search, and rerun them after you've made fixes.


Automate almost any task in Flow

Use the Send Admin API request to securely call almost any Admin API endpoint, even if Flow doesn’t have a dedicated action.

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Visually build Hydrogen stores with Utopia

Your full team can design, merchandise, and build headless stores with a shared view using the Hydrogen Visual Editor powered by Utopia. Your code remains the source of truth, and changes are synced to GitHub with small and straightforward diffs.


Optimistic cart, rich text component & analytics

Build Hydrogen storefronts faster with dozens of UX improvements shipped to the Hydrogen DX including a new optimistic cart, predictive search, Shopify Analytics, and more.

129Custom storefronts

Headless storefronts for B2B

Use the Storefront and Customer Account APIs to build a headless B2B store. Expedite your time to launch with the Hydrogen B2B example.

130Liquid themes

Easier JSON authoring for Liquid themes

Write JSON for Liquid themes with smart completions, smart hover, trailing commas, comments, and more.

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/Extensions & APIs

135Admin Extensions

Extensions everywhere

Use admin action and block extensions in more places across the admin to enable seamless workflows between your app and core pages.

136Checkout Extensions

Extend more pages with apps

Use UI extensions in your apps to enable merchants on all plans to customize the thank you and order status pages in the checkout and accounts editor.

137Checkout Extensions

More styling options for checkout

The Checkout Branding API supports new color schemes, positions, and content dividers for the header, footer, and queue page.

138Checkout Extensions

Integrate any pickup point network

Build custom apps that fetch pickup points from any network, with customized delivery information and location-based pricing.

139Checkout Extensions

Optional tax ID fields for more countries

Use our APIs to collect optional tax ID values in checkout to support regional shipping requirements for 14 additional countries.

140Checkout Extensions

Additional address fields

Enable regional address fields in checkout, like neighborhood, to help merchants meet international shipping standards.

141Checkout Extensions

Predefined addresses for registries

Set predefined addresses for gift and wedding registries to reduce shipping mistakes with the Admin API. Mark them as one-time use so they aren’t saved.

142Checkout Extensions

PCI DSS v4 compliance