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Building a successful business takes more than a great idea or product—there are a ton of small tasks and details you need to conquer in order to prosper as an entrepreneur. Shopify's online business training can help you navigate the path to success.

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Thumbnail preview about Shopify for Startups: All things offsets!
Katie Boothby-Kung
1h 17m

Shopify for Startups: All things offsets!

Join Shopify's Sustainability Fund team to learn more about carbon emissions from business operations and how you can use offsets as a means to reduce your impact. This webinar will give an overview of carbon emissions, how offsets can help, how to get started, and the types of offset projects that are best to support. We will close the webinar with a panel of entrepreneurs offsetting their emissions; what has worked well and what has been the most challenging.
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Thumbnail preview about Sustainable food systems with Shopify for Startups
Recorded Webinar
1h 9m

Sustainable food systems with Shopify for Startups

A discussion with Shopify merchants that are creating and contributing to sustainable food systems around the world. A deep dive into how we increase food security and nutrition, in a way that the economic, social and environmental bases to generate food security and nutrition for future generations, are not compromised. Panel: Jen Berlinger, GM and Kayalin Akensirby, Head of Partnerships at Planet FWD, Holly and John Arbuckle founders and farmers of Singing Pastures and Loren Shoop founder and farmer of Ulu Mana. Hosted by Desiree Shank, Shopify for Startups Growth Strategist.
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Thumbnail preview about Shopify for Startups: Sustainable packaging with EcoEnclose
Recorded Webinar

Shopify for Startups: Sustainable packaging with EcoEnclose

Saloni is the CEO and Chief Eco Geek at EcoEnclose, a leading provider of sustainable shipping solutions for ecommerce brands. She is passionate about helping conscious companies launch, grow, and thrive. In the last three years, EcoEnclose has helped over 40,000 companies ship their products in ways that strengthen their brand and support the planet.
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Thumbnail preview about Shopify for Startups: How your business can contribute to a circular economy
Recorded Webinar
1h 3m

Shopify for Startups: How your business can contribute to a circular economy

Learn how your business can move away from a linear product lifecycle to a circular and regenerative model
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Thumbnail preview about Store design review: How does your store compare?
Krysta Roney
1h 13m

Store design review: How does your store compare?

What are customers thinking but not telling you when trying to buy from your store? Join us for this month's store design series as we uncover the most common mistakes with live store reviews by expert Ilana Davis. We'll uncover issues and opportunities that can reduce customer service calls, increase conversions plus improve SEO and web accessibility. Attend live for a chance to have your store reviewed by Ilana.
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Gemma Sole and Amanda Curtis of N.A.bld
Katie Boothby-Kung

Sustainable sourcing for your brand

Whether you are a merchant just getting started or an operational brand, learn how you can start employing a more financially and environmentally sustainable sourcing strategy and supply chain operations for your business. Join N.A.bld's co-founders Gemma Sole and Amanda Curtis in conversation with Shopify's Senior Social Impact Manager, Katie Boothby-Kung. Submit your questions in advance [here](
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Online business training equals real world success

The journey to business success can last a lifetime. Acquiring customers, building a positive reputation, and expanding the reach of your business is always a work in progress. Completing the seemingly endless array of small tasks along the way can be exhausting—from learning the right accounting procedures and ensuring payroll functions properly, to filing the right paperwork at the right time. Trying to navigate all of these responsibilities by yourself can be frustrating and inefficient, especially when you have a thousand other things to do. Fortunately, Shopify has a solution with online business training.

Shopify’s online tutorials can help you learn business skills that apply to specific tasks and situations. It’s perfect for the entrepreneur who is just starting up their operation, established owners looking to enhance their enterprise, or legacy business experts interested in modernizing their skill sets. Each video tutorial is quick and concise, offering exactly the information you need in a condensed, easy viewing format . Learn to boost sales with a text messaging plan, use your brick and mortar shop to increase online sales, or get deeper into the sales funnel. Whatever you need to learn, Shopify can help you do it in just a few minutes from the comfort of your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Get started with Shopify online business training today.

What is the best way to learn about business?

The best way to learn business is to jump in with both feet and learn as you go. Once you have a great idea, it’s easy to get started on your own and fill in your knowledge gaps with online business training tutorials from Shopify. And when you have a little more time or need more in-depth instruction, try Shopify’s modular business courses for additional business training online.

How do beginners learn business?

A great way to start learning business as a beginner is to watch some Shopify tutorials on market research, understanding your potential customers, and evaluating your business idea. This type of online business training will give you a better idea of whether or not your business is likely to succeed, and will provide a foundation for you to build on, learning more as you grow.

How can I learn business for free?

Shopify’s free business training online is the ideal way to learn business skills while running your enterprise. Our video tutorials are quick to watch, so you can fit them in during your coffee break or in between meetings. They’re jam-packed with useful information about how to complete various business tasks and completely free to watch.