3 Automated Emails That Will Increase Your Sales

3 Automated Emails That Will Increase Your Sales

32 mins • 15 lessons

This course will walk you through actionable tips and tactics for three essential automated workflows that will unlock your email marketing sales growth. Backed by industry data, we’ll discuss the principles of a welcome, cart abandonment, and browse abandonment series and how you can successfully automate 30% or more of your email marketing sales from these three messages.

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  • How to apply the filter of ‘customer intent’ to your email marketing program
  • New welcome series “Best practices”
  • How to craft a welcome series that caters to intent and generates sales
  • Tips to create more personalized cart abandonment emails
  • Why browse abandonment messages are necessary for today’s email programs
  • Content, timing, and number of messages for each series
  • Simple tactics that provide a better shopper experience and increase sales

About the instructor

Greg Zakowicz

Sr. Ecommerce Expert at Omnisend

Greg Zakowicz is a veteran marketer and the Sr. Ecommerce Expert at Omnisend. With over 15 years of experience in email, mobile, and social media marketing, he’s helped over 100 DTC companies around the globe, including numerous from the Internet Retailer Top 1000, maximize sales through their email and SMS marketing programs. Zakowicz is a respected voice in the marketing and retail industry. He is a frequent speaker at in-person and online ecommerce events, has been published and quoted in top media outlets including Total Retail, Adweek, Multichannel Merchant, and Forbes, launched two ecommerce podcasts (including a MarCom Gold award-winner), and has been retained as an industry expert witness for trial. You can find him on Linkedin and on Twitter at @WhatsGregDoing.