Advanced Facebook Ads: Customer Acquisition

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Advanced Facebook Ads: Customer Acquisition

1 hour 31 mins • 20 lessons

Facebook advertising offers an unparalleled opportunity for ecommerce businesses. With a powerful audience-targeting tool, platform-specific ad creative, and an easy-to-understand analytics tool, you have everything you need to run ads and grow your business.

Using his own brand and ads as an example, you’ll learn how to create a new customer acquisition campaign using interest-based targeting and data in your very own Shopify store.

If you’re brand new to paid advertising, we recommend starting with the introductory course: Facebook Ads for Beginners: Retention and Loyalty and then take this course.

In this course, you’ll learn how to get new customers to your online store. From setting a budget to testing your ads, Shopify business owner Ezra Firestone will share his steps for successful interest-based targeting.

About the instructor

Ezra Firestone

In 2005, Ezra Firestone started his first commerce business. Today, he runs one of Shopify’s fastest growing businesses earning over $59m in the past 4 years. Ezra credits his Facebook and Instagram advertising strategy for generating 90% of his company’s profits. When he’s not actively working on his own brand, he’s sharing his wins on his blog, Smart Marketer.

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