Build your brand on Instagram

Build your brand on Instagram

1 hour 8 mins • 11 lessons

Get sales with a killer Instagram strategy. Grow your brand into an empire.

This Instagram course helps you build your account from scratch. Set the right goals. Run highly-targeted campaigns. Give your audience the content they want to see. And get sales.

Learn the tips and tricks that pro marketers use to get views, loyal followers, and sales.

Your instructor is pro social media marketer Jade Darmawangsa. Jade’s social media accounts and ecommerce businesses have been so successful that she skipped college to run her own media brand.

Now Jade helps thousands of content creators launch and grow their businesses.

  • How to use the Instagram algorithm to your advantage
  • How to build an Instagram brand that catches customers’ attention
  • How to know exactly who to target through audience and niche research
  • How to create fun, engaging, professional-looking campaigns that capture customers’ attention
  • How to partner with Instagram influencers to expand your reach
  • How to use analytics to get better every week

You'll also have access to downloadable worksheets, cheat sheets, and outreach scripts as you brainstorm and develop your perfect strategy.

About the instructor

Jade Darmawangsa

Founder at X8 Media

Jade is a social media marketer. She runs a media brand that helps content creators launch businesses.