Optimizing the Receipt Email

Optimizing the Receipt Email

“The receipt is the #1 most opened email, and yet most retailers just ignore that.”

The open rate for a receipt is over 70-90% compared to the average 20% for a regular broadcast email campaign. In this lesson you’ll learn how to optimize the receipt for more sales and loyal customers.

The four strategies at a glance:

  1. Ask the customer to join your community.
  2. You can offer a discount code or free shipping for a future purchase within a limited time frame.
  3. Encourage them to share the good news!
  4. If you have any special promotions coming up for holidays or for their birthday, tell them to mark their calendar for upcoming discounts and promotions.

✅ Hatch your plan to optimize your receipt. Gather or create the content and images. In the next lesson, Implementation, you’ll start optimizing your email marketing with this strategy.