The Short Course Method

“This strategy can explode your conversion rate.”

Using email, you can create a short free course on a topic relevant to your customers. And at the end of that email course, you can add a call to action to buy your product. Watch and learn different types of courses you can create to compel your readers to learn (and buy) from you!


  • You can sign up for Drew’s 7-lesson course ‘Double Your Ecommerce Course’ on
  • At SkinnyMe Tea, the team created a free 14-day booty challenge and promoted it across multiple Instagram accounts — the team received 8,000 new emails in the first 24 hours of promoting this. These are exceptional results, though with their focus on providing real value, the remember the key here is providing real value to the customer.


Next, in the final lesson of this module, we will implement some of the practices we’ve learned in these lessons.