How to Create an Audience of Customers

How to Download Customers from Shopify

Facebook will accept file uploads in the CSV or TXT format. For this tutorial we’re going to use the CSV format.

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Customers.
  2. Click Export
  3. Click one of the following export options:

    • Current page to export the customers showing in your store admin
    • All customers to export all your store’s customers
    • Selected customer to export customers you have selected
    • Current Search to export a filtered list of customers.
    • Select which file format you want to export:
      • Select CSV for Excel, Numbers and other spreadsheet programs if you plan to use a spreadsheet program with your customer CSV.
      • Select Plain CSV file if you plan to use a plain-text editor with your customer CSV.

    NOTE: Shopify recommends opening your CSV files in Google Sheets. This allows you to make edits easily and save your list automatically.

  4. Click Export Customers:

✅Your CSV file will appear in your downloads folder.

Here’s an example of a CSV file. This below example originally appeared on the Shopify Help Center.

How to Upload Customers to Facebook

Facebook shares general best practices to prepare your customer data. It’s recommended that you read their General best practices. Once you’ve read best practices, follow the steps to upload your customer data.

  1. Go to Audiences
  2. Click Create Audience dropdown and select Customer File Note that if you don’t have any audiences, you’ll see audience creation buttons, rather than a dropdown.
  3. Click Add from your own File.

Here is a helpful example of a .csv file created by Facebook

You’re almost there! At this point you want to ensure you’re sharing the right details for your Custom Audience.

How to Create Your Custom Audience

Now there are four steps remaining to create your Custom Audience. There are a few new terms here that we’ll explain in more detail. The steps are directly from Facebook Business’ Ads Help Center.

  1. Add Customer File
    • Click the Original Data Source dropdown to specify where the information in the file initially came from.
    • Choose whether you’ll upload your customer file as a file (.txt or .csv) or copy and paste it.
    • If you choose to upload, click Upload File and select your customer file. If you choose to copy and paste, do so in the “Paste your content here” field.
    • Give your audience a name and description if you want to.
    • Click Next.
  2. Edit Data Mapping. Facebook shows you a preview of your data and how they’ve classified your data. There are three statuses you may see in this preview:
    • means Facebook knows what type of data this is (but you can correct us if we’re wrong - see below) and will use it when trying to match the information in your customer file to people on Facebook. Only the data with this symbol gets uploaded for matching.
    • means Facebook is not sure what type of data this is or you’ve told Facebook to leave it out of matching.
    • means the data type has been identified (either by Facebook automatically or by you), but can’t detect a supported format. You may have to reformat the data in your file or select a formatting option from a Choose format dropdown. For example, birthdays can be listed in different formats like MM/DD/YYYY or DD-MM-YYYY. You can also leave the data type out of matching.
  3. Hashed Upload & Creation Facebook will hash your data, upload it and create your audience for you. Hashing your data means assigning a number to a string of text to help with security and encrypting data. This may take a little while if your file is large. Feel free to continue working in another browser tab or window while you wait.
  4. Next Steps After you’ve created your Custom Audience, Facebook will automatically generate a list of next steps that you can take. You can take one of the next steps of click Done to finish.

How to Get Support for Questions:

To learn more about Facebook you can check out their help center here!

If you have questions about Shopify you can check out our import-export-customers help center or contact support 24/7 if you have specific questions!

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