3 Content Strategies that Provide Real Value

3 Content Strategies that Provide Real Value

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A key component to any successful Instagram strategy is repetition and consistency.

In the video you’ll learn how to implement the following three content strategies to provide real value for your followers:

Strategy #1: Create a weekly content series

Example: Daniel Wellington’s ‘Pick of the Day’ is a part of their weekly content.

Strategy #2: Share inspirational messages and quotes that connect with your niche.

Strategy #3: Share user generated photos and product photos from customers. (Note that if you don’t have user generated customer photos yet, encourage your customers to share their photos! If you don’t have sales yet, simply skip this step for now).


Your caption is also an important aspect of your content. Here are a few suggestions for CTA (calls to action) that you can share within your caption:

  • If it’s a long post, let your audience know to ‘Save now, read later’
  • Enter now to win
  • Do this tonight!
  • (For urgency): Limited time, don’t miss out
  • (Share reminders) – Remember to...
  • Tag a friend