3 Keys to Hosting a Successful Instagram Live

3 Keys to Hosting a Successful Instagram Live

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Going Live can be extremely valuable as it pushes a notification to every follower and creates a true authentic live connection between you and your audience.

Important Notes about Instagram Live:

  • Note that it’s extremely important to hold your camera horizontally for Instagram Lives so you don’t appear sideways to the viewer.
  • You can save your Instagram Live by pressing Save in the upper right corner. You’ll only be able to save the video though, not any of the live reactions. You may want to market this video by sharing it on YouTube if it’s an important product announcement or message.

Ideas for an Instagram Live content:

  • Behind the scenes of a product launch
  • Meet the team members (if you currently have a team)
  • If you’re a solo entrepreneur, share top five things your customers don’t know about you/your business journey
  • Share behind the scenes at a trade show or industry event
  • Share the launch of your store
  • If you have access and a relationship with a great customer, invite them on to share about why they love your product
  • Share promotions and flash sales

Remember to end with a call to action such as collecting email addresses, or inviting potential customers to act now and make a purchase to get a deal!