Awareness: 9 Methods to Generate Awareness

Awareness: 9 Methods to Generate Awareness

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The ‘North Star’ you’ll strive towards is creating brand advocates (people who will rave about your product/service to friends and family). Watch and discover the first step of the funnel: awareness. The goal of these strategies is to nurture your customer down the funnel.

Here’s an overview of the key aspects of creating awareness:

  • Use relevant hashtags when you’re posting like you learned in Module 2.
  • Following and Unfollowing relevant accounts. This is a more old-school method, though it still works.
  • Ask your followers to tag a friend based on the content you share.
  • Giveaways: try the ‘Tag to Win’ method. Ask your friends to ‘Tag a Friend’ on the post in order to win.
  • The Loop Giveaway (attachment shares a breakdown of how to do a Loop Giveaway)
  • Add your social information to your Shopify store
  • Add links to your social media on your email signatures. Wisestamp is a helpful service you can use to create a professional signature.
  • Ask email subscribers to follow you on Instagram in select emails and where it feels appropriate.
  • Use your other social channels. Encourage followers on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter to follow you on Instagram.



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