Frequently Asked Questions

How to Take this Course:

It’s recommended that you take this course from the beginning to end. Even if you’re not new to Instagram, it’s still helpful to get a refresher, and a different take to really solidify your understanding of the platform as a whole. Again, it’s important to have an open mind to the content to get the most out of this course. Also, while social media platforms may evolve rapidly and certain strategies may change over time, this course is meant to give you timeless principles to grow your business on the platform. Since starting on Instagram in 2012, there have been so many changes, though it’s possible to continue to thrive as long as you keep learning and testing out different methods.

Did I start Instagram Marketing too late?

You may go on Instagram and see brands that you admire have hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers and think: wow, I could never get there. It’s too late! I don’t have time. It’s strongly encouraged that you let that mindset go. Everyone starts at zero and this course is designed to help you through every step of the way.

Isn’t Instagram all about bots today?

If you’ve been on Instagram for awhile you may notice the increase in spam comments and bots following you. This course will not be focused on teaching you strategies involving bots. You’ll learn authentic growth strategies focused on building an engaged community and making more sales. Instagram the platform is also being incredibly vigilant in cracking down on bots, fake followers and fake accounts and want to keep the platform as engaging and spam-free as possible, so it’s recommended that you keep your distance.

If you’re wondering what “bots” are, they’re computer programs that act like real users on Instagram.

How is this course different?

Our main goal in this course is to teach you how to think about Instagram strategically. You won’t just learn the tactics, you’ll learn how and why they work. Also, in this course we focus on optimizing your Instagram for sales and engagement, not followers specifically.

This course is specifically geared towards ecommerce entrepreneurs who use Shopify. So you’re also going to learn how to use Shopify specific tools like the Instagram sales channel and learn how to create a posts that your customer’s can click and shop. That said, there are principles any entrepreneur can take away, regardless of the platform they’re running their business on.

Why did Shopify and Gretta create this course?

Shopify’s mission is to make commerce better for everyone. By partnering with ecommerce expert Gretta van Riel, we hope to shorten the learning curve for entrepreneurs to make more sales and build a sustainable business.

Course content (32 lessons)

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