Tracking Results to Evaluate Influencer Success

Tracking Results to Evaluate Influencer Success

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Knowing how to evaluate if an influencer campaign is essential. You want to ensure you’re getting a return on investment when you invest your hard earned money into advertising with influencers.

How to Track Results:

Goal: Content Engagement | Results: Likes, comments

Goal: Sales | Results: Discount code use or clicks to a trackable link (like,

Goal: Content | Results: More subjective, though it’s whether or not you can reuse the user generated content for your feed, or to promote with paid marketing

Tool to track your campaign: You can use this Google Sheets Doc as a template to track your campaign. (Note: Go to File → Make a Copy to save your own tracking document)

Tool to download high resolution images on Instagram (to reuse): If that tool doesn’t work for you, you can find other helpful suggestions in this article: The secret trick to downloading full-resolution Instagram photos (via The Daily Dot)