Grow your Sales by Understanding Visitor Behavior

Grow your Sales by Understanding Visitor Behavior

24 mins • 10 lessons

Your Shopify store is getting traffic but you’re not seeing any sales. What’s happening?

Is there anything you can do about the 75% of e-commerce carts that get abandoned? What about the visitors who get frustrated and leave before even adding something to a cart? How do you know what ACTUALLY happened that prevented them from buying something?

In this course you’ll learn how to better understand visitor behavior on your store, which can ultimately help you grow your sales.

We’ll cover how to organize your store to highlight high-margin products, engage with customers to better understand their needs and recognize the behavior of high-value customers.

This course is for Shopify store owners looking to simplify website optimization, improve product listings and grow their business quickly and for the long-term.

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  • How to understand visitor behavior and make changes to your website
  • How to provide a great user experience
  • Discover how to stop cart abandonment before it occurs

About the instructor

Lucky Orange Team

Danny is the Co-founder at Lucky Orange and is committed to supporting Shopify merchants who want to increase their online sales and ultimately, make more money. With a diverse background in entrepreneurship, leadership and sales, Danny understands the importance of improving the customer experience. As a business owner himself, he is motivated to support Shopify stores because he understands that at the end of the day, it's more than just business. Sarah is the Senior Director of Marketing Strategy at Lucky Orange, an app in the Shopify Marketplace that helps Shopify stores around the world grow their sales by improving their website conversion rates. As a marketer, Sarah understands how much effort and planning go into creating marketing campaigns designed to get visitors to convert. It’s one of many reasons she’s passionate about helping Shopify store owners maximize their marketing dollars by giving them tools to eliminate barriers standing in the way of conversions and sales.