How To Launch An Online T-Shirt Business With Print On Demand

How To Launch An Online T-Shirt Business With Print On Demand

45 mins • 19 lessons

Did you know that more than two billion t-shirts are sold worldwide each year? The average American owns twenty seven t-shirts. That’s enough to circle the earth over forty times! On average, Americans buy one new clothing item almost every single week. These numbers are only growing exponentially each year. So how can you get your piece of this huge and growing market? In this course, you’ll learn the exact same strategies and principles Kerry has taught his students that will have you making t-shirt sales and collecting profits in record time!

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to pick your niche and define your ideal customer
  • How to create t-shirt designs that sell and drive revenue
  • How to choose the right print on demand partner, upload your designs, and list your products for sale
  • The most profitable strategies to market your new t-shirt business Sign up now and watch for free!

About the instructor

Kerry Egeler

Founder of Shirt School

Kerry Egeler is the Founder of Shirt School, one of the premier online courses for online t-shirt and apparel sellers to learn how to grow their sales and profits. After starting his first t-shirt business in 2017 and weathering all the ups and downs, Kerry went on to sell over 20,000 t-shirts and apparel products, make shirts for celebrities, and start and grow multiple successful online businesses. Through Shirt School, Kerry has taught thousands of people how to run a profitable online t-shirt or apparel business! Shirt School is home to many six figure and even seven figure earners from around the world. Kerry isn't just passionate about teaching people how to grow t-shirt businesses, he's obsessed with helping people experience the freedom that comes with running and owning a successful online business.