How to Start a Tea Company with Zach Kornfeld

How to Start a Tea Company with Zach Kornfeld

1 hour 33 mins • 6 lessons

In this course you'll learn how Zach Kornfeld, popular YouTuber with The Try Guys, approaches starting and launching his business! Learn from his successes and mistakes and apply his learnings on starting your business.

  • How to start a business on a budget
  • The fundamentals of product development
  • How to create your business logo
  • How to get started with Instagram advertising
  • How to launch your business

About the instructor

Zach Kornfeld

Try Guy & Entrepreneur

A few years back I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, an inflammatory autoimmune disease that leaves me stiff with near-constant back pain and an inability to sleep through the night. I needed the perfect teas to fit my needs: energizing, soothing, anti-inflammatory, and above all delicious. So I decided to create my own. Zadiko Tea Co. is here to give me the energy needed to manage my busy life, run a company, stimulate my creativity, motivate myself to exercise, and soothe both my stomach and mind -- all without the jitters of coffee. I've made the perfect teas that I wished I'd had all along, and now I'm sharing this treat with YOU.