How to Use Data to Increase Conversion Rate (CRO)

How to Use Data to Increase Conversion Rate (CRO)

36 mins • 7 lessons

Conversion Rate Optimization for Shopify Merchants: How to Audit, then take Action on your store. Use the data available to you. This course will ask you over 80 questions that will help build your site audit as you progress through the course. Each question can be answered using analytics from Shopify, and other 3rd party tools like Google Analytics By the end of the course, you will have implementable, data driven optimization strategies to implement on your Shopify store.

Join us today as we delve into the data that will help improve your conversion rate!

  • Learn how to implement analytics tools on your shop
  • Learn what questions to ask from your data – how to create the reports
  • Learners will create a full audit document during the course

About the instructor

Daria Rose

Director of Technology at TVP.NYC

Daria Rose is the Director of Technology at TVP.NYC. She spends her days building and improving eCommerce sites and her nights dreaming about what is next in the space. She believes everyone deserves to have a well-designed and performing eCommerce site, no matter their budget. Each decision is made following a data-point or precedence to back it up.

Introduction: The Curious Case of Berni the Sheepadoodle

01 |Module 1: Quantitative Research with Shopify Analytics

02 |Module 2: Quantitative Research with 3rd Party Analytics

03 |Module 3: Qualitative Research with Surveys

04 |Module 4: Technical Research - SEO for CRO

05 |Module 5: Conversion Rate Testing

06 |Conclusion: Berni the Sheepadoodle CASE SOLVED!