Lesson 1: Technical Research - SEO for CRO

Lesson 1: Technical Research - SEO for CRO

Course content (7 lessons)

Introduction: The Curious Case of Berni the Sheepadoodle

01 |Module 1: Quantitative Research with Shopify Analytics

02 |Module 2: Quantitative Research with 3rd Party Analytics

03 |Module 3: Qualitative Research with Surveys

04 |Module 4: Technical Research - SEO for CRO

05 |Module 5: Conversion Rate Testing

06 |Conclusion: Berni the Sheepadoodle CASE SOLVED!

Technical research and audit tools are used to ensure website functions properly. Your eCommerce store set up has a lot to do with search engine optimization. Doing a quick SEO audit will help you fine tune the technical aspects of your store and make sure that you’re set up to capture as much organic search traffic as possible, by improving your search engine ranking positions.


  • Tools to use - what is available in Shopify, free tools we love
  • The most important reports to view that will help you easily view errors and fix them!