Intro to Bookkeeping

Intro to Bookkeeping

40 mins • 3 lessons

Bookkeeping is an essential part of running any small business. And, when you take care of it the right way, bookkeeping lets you track your money, cash in on tax deductions, and plan how your business is going to grow.

In this course, we walk you through bookkeeping basics and how to apply these principles to your business. From balance sheets to cash flow statements, we’ll show you how to interpret your small business finances and confidently plan for the future.

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  • Bookkeeping basics and why bookkeeping matters
  • How to do your own small business bookkeeping
  • How to outsource your bookkeeping
  • How to create and analyze financial statements for your small business

About the instructor

Oscar Wimshurst

Partnerships Manager at Bench

As a Partnerships Manager at Bench, Oscar is passionate about evangelizing the value of good bookkeeping. He spends his days working closely with a large network of tax firms and professionals to help small business clients stay on top of their finances. Time and time again, Oscar has seen the positive impact accurate records can have on tax deductions, business growth, and long-term profits. Here he presents Bench’s crash course on bookkeeping.