Introduction to Google Analytics

Introduction to Google Analytics

55 mins • 12 lessons

In today’s business climate, if you’re not data-driven you are leaving money on the table. Google Analytics is your best tool for making informed decisions for your ecommerce strategy. Through this course you will learn how to put this power of analytics to work for you, so you can build a thriving ecommerce shop. From understanding what your top traffic sources are, to which products are generating you the most revenue, GA puts you firmly in control of your marketing and product selection

  • How to understand what the numbers are telling you on Google Analytics
  • How to create reports and dashboards that are meaningful and relevant to your business objectives
  • How to identify opportunities and gaps within your marketing strategy

About the instructor

Jesse Ringer

Founder of Method + Metric

Jesse Ringer is the founder of Method + Metric, an SEO agency based in Vancouver, BC. He has been developing his craft as an SEO and Digital Strategist for a decade. His data-driven approach and knowledge of technical SEO and copywriting have delivered tangible results for startups and multinational organizations. Jesse strongly believes in the value that search and analytics can deliver to any online business, but knows that overcoming the misconceptions of SEO is a barrier for most people. Fighting these misconceptions is why Jesse and his team are on a mission to make SEO a little more human.