Product Photography for Ecommerce

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Product Photography for Ecommerce

1 hour 58 mins • 24 lessons

When it comes to ecommerce, photography plays a pivotal role in helping you sell your products and build your brand.

In this course you’ll learn from the Co-Founder and President of Products of White Photography, Jeff Delacruz. Jeff has been a photographer for over 15 years. He has worked with nearly 2,000 businesses and his company has taken over 50,000 photos for entrepreneurs around the globe.

This course is design to go at your own pace and on any device. Now go to the ‘Overview’ or choose a specific lesson you’d like to learn to begin!

  • How to take branded products that help customers perceive the value of your products
  • How to take photos on a white background (the ‘gold standard’ of ecommerce photography)
  • How to set up your own home studio on a budget
  • How to shoot a with a model
  • The step-by-step process to outsource photography as your business grows
  • How to increase sales with proper photo placement and SEO on your Shopify store

About the instructor

Jeff Delacruz

With decades of photography experience between them, Jeff and his co-founders launched Products on White Photography to serve entrepreneurs striving to better showcase their products. Today, the Chicago-based studio photographs thousands of products for hundreds of clients worldwide. During that time, Jeff learned the finer details of taking product photos that convert. Rather than simply capturing the product, Jeff works with clients to understand the sales funnel, from first impression right through to product sales page.