How do I create my brand identity?

How do I create my brand identity?

A brand is a person’s perception of your product, service, experience or business.

In a modern ecommerce business, your photography is a cornerstone of conveying your brand to your customers. Watch and learn how to create a mood board which will be a helpful tool for defining your visual brand.

Here is the 3-step process to create your mood board:

Step #1: Create an account on Pinterest (for free).You will use this platform to create your mood board. You could also use Instagram, Google Keep or use magazine/print images to create your mood board if you prefer.

Step #2: Research and find images that you can add to your mood board that align with how you want your product to be perceived.

Step #3: Start looking for patterns in your mood board that you want to use as inspiration for your product photography photoshoot.


👉 After creating your mood board, head to the next lesson to learn the importance of non-branded images to sell your products.