How to Find Loyal Customers

Finding and creating loyal customers will be the backbone of your business. Watch and learn the value of your ideal customer and then fill out your buyer’s persona in the link below to have a foundation for who you’ll be selling to.

  • Creating a ‘buyer’s persona’ is an exercise that will help you get clear on the type of person who you believe will buy your product. While this may seem like a simple exercise in answering questions, it requires thought as well as ‘trial and error.’ Know that your ideal customer may evolve over time, so do you best to get clear on who the type of person is right now.
  • 🚨It may be tempting to skip creating your buyer’s persona. Don’t skip it! It is incredibly important so you can emotionally connect with your customer 🚨


  • Fill out the Buyer’s Persona Exercise. You can also learn from an example of from Jaswant’s Kitchen on the resource document.

The below video by Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen may be very helpful for you to understand who your ideal customer is and why they’d want to use your product.