The Ultimate Launch Checklist

The Ultimate Launch Checklist

Launching your store is THE most important step in this course.

Once you launch, you learn.

Review: The Ultimate Launch Checklist below, and then head to the next step to learn how to do a test order so you can see how a customer will experience buying from you. You can also download the checklist which provides more details and clarity on each of the topics mentioned below.

  1. ✅ Add Any Available Sales Channels
  2. ✅ Add a Custom Domain
  3. ✅ Double Check Your Payment Gateway Settings
  4. ✅ Have Your Standard Pages Ready
  5. ✅ Review Your Email Notification Settings
  6. ✅ Do a Content Audit for Spelling and Grammar Mistakes
  7. ✅ Install an Analytics Tool
  8. ✅ Have a Pre-launch Marketing Plan
  9. ✅ Adjust Your Tax and Shipping Settings
  10. ✅ Make it Easy for Potential Customers to Contact You
  11. ✅ Set up Your Billing Information

In the next lesson you’ll take the customer journey for yourself as you learn how to do a test order!