User Testing 101

User Testing 101

29 mins • 4 lessons

Welcome to User Testing 101. You may have heard the quote from the Neilsen Norman Group that “A beautiful interface to the wrong features will fail.” In this course, website usability expert Matt Humphreys will teach you how to enhance the website experience for your customers and how to make the right decisions about designing your store based on customer testing.

  • How to test early and test often
  • How to optimize your usability test planning
  • Web usability logistics planning
  • How to deliver a successful, informative test

About the instructor

Matt Humphreys

Principal Consultant at Diff Agency

An experienced public speaker and teacher on topics such as user experience design, project management, SEO, content management systems, digital strategy Matt is currently the CXO and Principal Consultant at Diff Agency. Diff is an agency with a focus on creating impactful experiences in the ecommerce space.