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Our Mission

Over the next 10 years, the way retail works will change at a fundamental level. Every store will need an ecommerce website. Customers will expect options of where and how to buy: in-store or online, delivered or for pick-up. It’s an incredibly exciting time for this industry, and we’re going to be right at the centre of it.

The opportunity to shape how retail works all over the world is in our hands. We have a huge playground to work with, and we’ve already proven that we can move faster than anyone else. But right now we’re only part of the way there. To truly change the future of commerce, we need your help.

In terms of experience, a year at Shopify is like ten years anywhere else. I've learned so much so fast.
Quote lydia@2x Lydia Krupp-Hunter

You'll fit right in

Shopify's culture is defined by the great people who work here.

You'll get a chance to work on challenging problems with some of the industry’s best and brightest. Shopify is growing quickly, which means there are opportunities everywhere. Find something that interests you, and own it. You’ll have the creative freedom to make a real difference in the world of commerce.

At Shopify, you're encouraged to experiment, take risks, and push the envelope. And if you make a mistake? That's cool – learn from it, and share your experience with the team. We expect you to learn and grow, and we'll provide you with the resources to make that happen.

Our offices

Shopify has offices in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal. We also have employees working remotely in cities across the globe.

Ottawa, Ontario
Home to the large majority of Shopify employees, the new Ottawa Office is located only a few blocks north of Bridgehead, where Shopify originally started. This head office has a different theme for each of its six floors, spanning over 100,000 square feet.
Montreal, Quebec
Our Montreal Office is Shopify’s newest location. The office is surrounded by trendy coffee shops, interesting show venues, great restaurants and the city’s Home of the Web, Notman House. And if you feel adventurous, you can always go for a hike on Mont-Royal!
Toronto, Ontario
The Toronto Office is located in a heritage building at King West and Spadina Avenue. It's nearby to the city's most popular restaurants and bars, as well as a large part of the local startup community. You'll always find a beautiful view of the CN Tower and a fine espresso at this newly renovated and growing office.

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