Shopify Editions | Summer ’22
A collection of product updates across all of Shopify

Build and be part of something huge. Shopify’s mission isn’t possible without you. Your innovation, problem-solving, and new technology drives business for millions of brands around the world. Today, we’re making it more flexible and fun for you to work with us. Here’s how.

Make an impact building high-quality apps of the caliber brands expect with commerce platform. With Shopify Functions, Checkout Extensibility, and Embedded App Improvements, customizing Shopify for every kind of business need is now fast and flexible.

Making data-driven decisions is important to making better predictions—for your business and for the brands you’re working with—so we’ve built Pixels and customer insights so everyone can get better insights.

We also want you to have a better Developer Experience. This includes building future-proof apps with Data Protection, and improvements to our CLI and partner dashboard to write and distribute your app.

Spend more time creating unique shopping experiences. Do it with the fastest headless storefront building and hosting frameworks, custom storefronts. Then, make multi-channel selling a seamless experience with MarketPlace Kit, and add further personalization to store themes with App-Owned Metafields.

New Ways to Build Apps

Build. Integrate. Innovate. Get paid.

Built for Shopify

Apps that look and perform like they’re a part of Shopify

Offering the best commerce apps in the world is a mission-critical goal at Shopify. Built for Shopify is a new program that provides the tooling, functionality, and documentation to build an app that looks and performs like it's part of Shopify. With our new app design guidelines and incentives, it’s never been easier or more rewarding to build a high-quality Shopify app.

Shopify Functions

Build the impossible: A new way to extend Shopify

With Shopify Functions, we’re giving you the flexibility to extend or replace native Shopify server-side business logic to meet the unique business needs of our merchants. But flexibility is just part of the story, Functions were purpose-built to be scalable and fast. Built on Shopify infrastructure, Functions can scale up for major sales events and still execute in less than 5ms. Functions are available to all Shopify merchants, deployed with an app, and configured directly in the admin, so merchants never have to touch a line of code.

Checkout Extensibility

Checkout apps: Powerful customizations that work with Shop Pay

Build dynamic apps for the world’s first fully customizable, one-click checkout. Now in Developer Preview, Checkout Extensibility is uniquely designed to be secure, fast, and upgrade-safe, while seamlessly working with Shop Pay, the best converting checkout on the internet. Leverage Checkout UI extensions and Shopify Functions to surface new functionality, Checkout Branding API to customize styling, and Pixels to track events. Deploy exclusively for Plus merchants by custom app or through the Shopify App Store.

Pre-orders and More

Drive conversion with purchase options your buyers love

Shopify now offers more pre-orders, subscriptions, and "try before you buy" apps that are fully integrated into our platform. You can lock in more sales and give your customers the flexible purchase options they want.

New products and features: Pre-Orders, Subscriptions, and Try before you buy.

B2B on Shopify

Build workflows for the most complex B2B business needs

Reach new businesses with our expanded B2B functionality, built directly into the core of Shopify. Our new APIs provide better ways to connect with wholesale customers, with new primitives like Business Customers, Price Lists, and Assigned Payment Terms.


Analyze data and generate insights straight from your app—with minimal effort

Deliver analytical experiences for your clients with minimum effort. The GraphQL Admin API allows you to directly query Shopify’s analytical data so you can generate business insights without dealing with data transformation. No more mismatching between your reports and Shopify data.


Share more comprehensive customer data

You can now fully manage segments in Shopify's customer database through the GraphQL API to power segmentation features in your app. Businesses can segment groupings based on purchasing behavior, location, or marketing preferences to better engage customers.

Return APIs

Get early access to our Return APIs to build simplified returns workflows

We're building highly anticipated Return APIs to improve the return management experience for merchants. These Return APIs will give businesses greater visibility into critical returns data across platforms, helping them manage orders more efficiently.

Improved Dev Tools

Making it easier and more fun to build for millions of merchants

Developer Experience

Start building. Fast.

This is a better building experience: We’ve simplified the writing and distribution of an app in our CLI, as well as navigating and deploying an app in the Partner Dashboard. We also shipped new Getting Started templates with lightweight use cases, so you can hit the ground running.

Embedded App Improvements

Offer a truly seamless app experience

To build a great embedded app experience, developers need access to the same functionality as Shopify’s own teams. Now your app can take advantage of a full screen within the admin, and display advanced functionality without needing to open a new tab. You can also insert your app’s own navigation as a subnav within Shopify, and they’ll load 2x faster on mobile devices with our App Bridge mobile enhancements.

Data Protection

Future-proof the apps you build

APIs will redact customer personal data by default and allow you to apply for necessary access to customer personal data throughout the life of your app. These changes enable your app to better support a business’s path towards compliance with privacy and data protection rules.

Next Level Storefront Building

Build powerful—and fully customized—online storefronts

Hydrogen + Oxygen

The Shopify stack for headless commerce

Build fast, headless storefronts with a React-based framework built by Shopify, for Shopify. From pre-built components and starter templates, to hooks and utilities that map directly to Shopify’s APIs, Hydrogen gives you the tooling you need to accelerate development. Then deploy with one click on Oxygen, our globally distributed hosting solution. Deliver performant storefronts wherever customers shop.


Next level customer interactions—powered by secure data

Develop marketing and analytics solutions with secure, accurate, and privacy-conscious customer behavior data. Publish pixels using Web Pixels Extensions, or subscribe to behavioral data published by Shopify and other partners. Integrate with Shopify’s customer data layer client side and server-side to safely exchange data with even more surfaces, including checkout. Businesses can store and manage all customer events from one place in the Shopify admin.

Marketplace Kit

Build shopping experiences into any platform with our flexible APIs

Connect your platform to millions of merchants and brands with shopping experiences built with Shopify’s Marketplace Kit. Trusted by global platforms like Twitter, Tik Tok, and Spotify.

Prettier Plugin

Quickly format your code with our new Prettier plugin

Press save and have your code instantly formatted. Our new plugin for Prettier adds support for Liquid for more consistent code styles. Now you can spend less time discussing styles in code review and more time building themes.


Manage custom fields across the core aspects of your business

More powerful metafield types that work across more aspects of your business like customers and orders. Once created, dynamically showcase your custom information across your storefront.

Liquid for Themes

Redesigned references to get you started quickly with Themes

Build themes faster with our all-new Liquid references. Object properties, type information, syntax highlighting, and interactive code blocks help you quickly prototype your use case directly in our docs.