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Shopify is here to make commerce better for everyone, from the merchants we empower to achieve independence, to the customers they serve, to the developers who help make it all happen.

Thousands of apps, powering millions of businesses

Merchants have a diverse set of needs, and developers have a unique opportunity to meet those needs. And that opportunity is massive:

Millions of merchants

on Shopify

From 175 countries

around the world

3 in 4 merchants

use apps to help run their business

6 apps on average

installed by merchants who use apps

Helping developers thrive

With the Shopify App Store merchants not only have a place to find solutions to their business challenges, but it’s also a platform for app developers to start and grow their own business.

We want every developer on the Shopify App Store to be successful. Which is why developers pay 0% revenue share on the first $1 million USD they make each year.

6,000+ apps

available on the Shopify App Store

54% accepted

of all app submissions in 2020

16M installs

by merchants in 2020

$230M+ earned

by app developers in 2020

More ways we support developers

More than 3,800 developers build for the Shopify App Store, and that number is growing fast. To make sure developers have what they need to create the best apps for our merchants, we also offer:


Tools that help developers build smart and fast, including APIs, SDKs, the CLI and a billing system.


Distribution channels that reach merchants around the world and personalized recommendations that introduce apps to the merchants who need them most.


We work hard to maintain a safe, healthy, and efficient ecosystem with app reviews, governance, and a highly trained support team.

All stats as of August 2021

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