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The 13 Most Powerful Shopify Discount Apps To Use in 2023

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There’s no denying the power of combining urgency and our human proclivity for saving a buck. Discounts and coupons can make a big impact, but how do you make them work for your brand? 

Hacking deep into your margin isn’t a sustainable strategy, but there are several clever ways to tap into the customer purchasing psyche without sabotaging your profits.

There’s science behind it: deals actually make people happier.

In ecommerce marketing, happy customers mean more sales. A good psychological pricing strategy (combined with a well-developed Shopify discount app) can do that. 

We’ve handpicked a cross-section of the best Shopify discount apps to suit a range of budgets. Whether you’re running a BOGO (buy one, get one) deal, trying to grow your student audience, or counting down to a massive site wide sale, there’s a niche app to help you do just that.

13 Best Shopify Discount Apps

  1. Product Discount
  2. Sales Popup
  3. Daily Deal
  4. Exclusive Discounts
  5. Wheelio
  6. Product Label and Product Badge
  7. Happy Birthday Email
  8. Sales Countdown
  9. Unlimited Bundles and Disacounts
  10. Bulk Discounts
  11. Sell Easy
  12. All in One Automatic Discounts
  13. Wide Bundles

1. Product Discount


A popular, top-rated app by Bold, Product Discount offers a blend of a few of the apps on our list. Create site wide sales or pricing discount products by brand, collection, or type—there’s no need for coupon codes. The app also allows you to schedule sales, and notifications for your customers via a countdown clock.

Cost: $19.99/month

2. Sales Popup — Pop up Discount


Hit your customers with incentive to stick around when they first visit or attempt to leave your store. The app integrates with your Shopify store, and new customers will see a pop-up with a special offer, and as customers move the cursor to close, another pop-up will do the same. Offer a coupon, free shipping, a special price, or a gift, along with customized messaging. 

Cost: Free plan available (Paid plans start at $7.95/month)

3. Daily Deal


Boost conversion rates by creating promotions for your products or collections in one click. You can add a customizable countdown bar, to create anticipation for your deal. The app also lets you set up a daily deals page, where all of your rotating promos can live together.

CostFree plan available (Paid plans start at $$19.99/month)

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4. Exclusive Discounts


Provide special discounts for service-members, first responders, teachers and more with the exclusive discounts app. Exclusive discounts is able to verify customer status in a number of ways and provide them with exclusive discounts. For example, customers with a .mil email address will automatically qualify for military discounts.

Cost: Plans start at $19.99/month

5. Wheelio


Gamification can be a very effective marketing strategy. Self-proclaimed “lead generation on steroids”, Wheelio is an interactive app that gamifies the exit intent pop-up experience. You can customize when (time on site) and why (exit intent, visiting a specific page) the pop-up appears. Going beyond a simple discount offer, Wheelio allows customers the chance to engage to “win” an even better discount.

Cost: Plans start at $14.92/month

6. Product Label and Product Badge


Attract customers to sale items with customizable badges or labels that appear on collections and product pages. Badges can be used for other purposes, such as highlighting new or trending products, or giving discounts on certain product variants. Badges and labels come in several sizes, shapes, and colors to fit your theme and can be customized with dynamic text.

Cost: $7.99/month

7. Happy Birthday Email


New to the Shopify app store is Happy Birthday Email, an app that allows you to send automated and customizable birthday greetings to surprise and delight your customers. Use the email marketing feature to send a free gift or discount encouraging them to re-engage with your brand.

Cost: Plans start at $10/month

8. Sales Countdown Timer Bar


Similar to Daily Deal, Sales Countdown Timer Bar creates urgency with a limited time offer. A countdown bar at the top of your site can signal the start and end of your promotion, and a sliding scale feature (discount decreases over time), encourages customers to buy now. Set up Countdown Discount with no coding, and pre-schedule future promotions.

Cost: Free plan available. Paid plans start at $8.95/month. 

9. Unlimited Bundles & Discounts


From the developers at Revy Apps comes Unlimited Bundles & Discounts. With this app, you can increase your conversion rate by creating product bundles and on-page prompts for customers to add products to their cart to get a discount. 

Cost: Free plan available. Paid plans start at $13.99/month.

10. Bulk Discounts


With Bulk Discounts from Space Squirrel, you can create thousands of single use, limited use, or unlimited use codes with expiry dates, in just a few clicks. Bulk Discounts also allows you to run loyalty and affiliate programs in your online store, helping boost the weight of your brand-name via referrals. 

Cost: Free to install. Additional costs are based on the number of discount codes created

11. Upsell & Cross Sell - Selleasy


Selleasy by Logbase is an upselling and cross-selling app that automatically bundles or discounts products when they’re added to the cart. Run BOGO campaigns or offer a percentage discount if a customer purchases multiple items or hits a set cart dollar value.

Cost: Free plan available. Paid plans start at $6.99/month.

12. All In One Automatic Discount


All In One Automatic Discounts allows merchants to offer discounts for product bundles, high-volume discounts, bulk pricing, and more. The app also allows customers to "stack" their discounts, with each discount being listed on the cart page, so your customers can see how much they're saving. 

Cost: Plans start at $9/month.

13. Wide Bundles ‑ Quantity Breaks


With Wide Bundles ‑ Quantity Breaks, merchants can add offers to product and collections pages throughout their entire store to bring awareness to quantity breaks and product bundling discounts. 

Cost: Plans start at $14.99/month.

Find more Shopify discount apps in the app store

Shopify apps can unlock new functionalities which will optimize your site for a better customer experience AND boost sales. While the apps above are some of the best free apps available in the Shopify App Store, there are email marketing, product upsell, time management apps, and plenty more to leverage for your unique business. It all comes down to finding the best app that suits your unique needs. Visit the Shopify App Store to browse even more apps by use case, and feel free to share your favorites in the comments. Happy selling!

Shopify discount apps FAQ

How do I add a discount on Shopify App?

To add discount codes in Shopify, start by logging into your Shopify store and selecting the Discounts tab on the left-side menu. To add a discount code, click the Create Discount button in the top-left corner of the page.

How do I set up a coupon code for Shopify?

On the Discounts tab, you’ll be able to create a unique coupon code and specify the dates for which the code is valid, the number of times the code can be used, and specify whether the discount only applies to certain products or collections. You can create discount codes that offer a percentage discount, a dollar amount, free shipping, or Buy X get Y discounts.

How do I discount everything on Shopify?

You can set sales prices to your products in Shopify by updating the compare-at price of any product or variant. The Compare-at Price will display as the original price of your product, and the Price will display the sales price. 

To add compare-at prices to your products in bulk, simply select the products you want to edit from the Products tab, then click Edit Products. From here, you’ll be able to set prices and compare-at prices in bulk for the selected products.

What is the best coupon app for Shopify?

  • Product Discount
  • Sales Popup — Pop up Discount
  • Daily Deal
  • Exclusive Discounts
  • Wheelio
  • Product Label and Product Badge
  • Happy Birthday Email
  • Sales Countdown Timer Bar
  • Unlimited Bundles & Discounts
  • Bulk Discounts
  • Upsell & Cross Sell - Selleasy
  • All In One Automatic Discount
  • Wide Bundles - Quantity Breaks