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A desire for great pizza at home was the fuel behind Ooni, which has revolutionized outdoor cooking with backyard pizza ovens at a disruptive price point of just $300. Growing from a crowdfunding campaign to now operating in the U.S., Germany, and the U.K., the team was increasingly distracted by manual processes instead of focusing on the increased demand for products. 

Ooni leaned into Shopify Plus to help automate tasks so the team could focus on scaling the business. The brand used Shopify Flow to automate its stock management, Launchpad to automate its Black Friday Cyber Monday sales, and Shopify Scripts to implement discounts and apply relevant shipping rules at checkout. These platform tools significantly reduced the amount of time spent on operational management, which freed up resources to focus on growth.

With Shopify Plus, Ooni saw results fast.

growth in sales within a year
Increase in conversion rate using Shopify Payments
Flow automations in use, significantly reducing manual labour

Shopify is a reliable, managed ecosystem. We don’t worry about downtime, which has allowed us to keep our development team lean. We grew massively last year without having to worry about scalability and that put our mind at ease.

Ben ThompsonDeveloper, Ooni

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