Learning Liquid: A guide to Shopify theme development

Access our comprehensive Liquid guide and take your Shopify theme development skills to the next level.

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Chapters at a glance

An Overview of Liquid

Learn about Liquid, how it fits into Shopify theme building, and the core concepts that will enable you to build powerful ecommerce templates.

Local Environments

When working on theme files, you’re not limited to Shopify’s theme editor. Learn how to set up a local theme development environment and personalize your workflow.

Alternate Templates

This chapter will run through the basics of creating alternate templates, allowing you to customize the different pages of your Shopify themes even further.


In Shopify, the concept of 'partials' or 'includes' is known as snippets. Snippets allow you to reuse code components in different areas of your theme.

The img_url Filter

Learn how to use the img_url filter and examine the parameters that allow you to manipulate images within Shopify in new and exciting ways.

all_products in a Shopify Theme

This chapter will explore how to access product information without having to loop over a collection or be on a product detail page.

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