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Zaius is the Activated Customer Data Platform that helps brands achieve higher CLTV by delivering relevance across the entire customer journey, from anonymous browsers to loyal shoppers. We align your entire organization around customer data, allowing you to create a relevant customer experience that differentiates your brand and creates customer loyalty.

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August 2018


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Now, we look at segmentation in a far more comprehensive way due to the technology and data capabilities that Zaius provides. When you’re giving your customers the journey they’re intending, they’re more likely to engage. And more importantly, they’re less likely to get annoyed by your emails.

Laur Fiatoa, Senior Growth Marketing ManagerHelix Sleep

We captured customer data and used retargeting and segmenting to build our cross-channel campaigns on IG and FB to capture abandonments or lookalike audiences. From that, we converted 1,300+ new customers. More importantly, we translated 20% of those new customers to repeat customers of the brand.

Natalie Lodwig, CMOStrut-This

Zaius’ focus on the customer lifecycle and increasing lifetime value across channels is a perfect complement to Stio’s churn prevention strategy. We’ve seen a huge lift from email - with revenue per send of behavioral campaigns is 28X that of promotional campaigns.

Mike Swanson, Lifecycle Marketing ManagerStio