Tis' the Season to get a Better Job

Tis' the Season to get a Better Job


Do you want to be a Shopify Guru? Our support services will soon be going 24/7, so we’re hiring more Gurus to help out our merchants around the clock.

While we’re not huge fans of traditional interviews here at Shopify, we are huge fans of parties. So instead of inviting you in for a ho-hum one-on-one, we’re hosting a big bash for potential Shopify Gurus on December 13th from 7-10pm. Specific location is TBA, but it will be in Ottawa, Canada.

You’ll get to hang out with fun people who are interested in working at Shopify, chat about the potential job, have a few laughs – and a few drinks! You can meet the people who might become your colleagues, and get a great feel for the job, the space, and Shopify’s culture.

But wait! Before you jump on the party bus, you should probably know exactly what a Shopify Guru is:

Shopify Guru
[shaw-puh-fahy goo-roo]
1. A rare, interesting character who gets a kick out of helping Shopify’s customers get their stores up and running.  A guru is comfortable on the phone and can type like a maniac. In the wild, gurus are often spotted laughing at or telling a great joke, as they have a naturally keen sense of humour.

Space is limited, so this party is invite-only. If you’re interested in attending, please enter your info in the provided fields at the bottom of one of our 3 Guru job postings: daytime, weekend and evenings and overnight

Mention in your application that you want to attend our Guru party on December 13th, and we’ll be in touch!


  • Rick Davies
    Rick Davies
    November 23 2012, 12:22PM

    Can I come for the knees up if I don’t want the jobs?

  • William Bain
    William Bain
    December 04 2012, 08:29AM

    I have been told I am an interesting character … not quite sure if it was meant in a good way? You can find out by inviting me to attend on the 13th :)
    Kia Ora

  • Cindy
    December 07 2012, 07:56AM

    Is this only apply to locals?

  • Santa
    December 09 2012, 07:45AM

    You should have Santa attend.

  • @Shopify Marcie
    December 10 2012, 05:59AM

    Hi Cindy! This option is for anyone interested in joining the Shopify Guru team! If you’re local then then get in touch with us via the three postings and we’ll connect. Thanks!

  • Justin
    December 11 2012, 01:43PM

    I’m praying that the 9th is a soft deadline. I applied and would love to attend the holiday par-tay.

  • Aeron
    December 11 2012, 09:19PM

    Thank you for the invite! Looking forward to meeting the Shopify team on Thursday night.

  • Rahul
    December 12 2012, 07:13PM

    I just want to make sure that if I DO wear a tie I won’t get kicked out if I show up pants-less?
    Can you confirm or deny this for me in advance because it would definitely help me out and prevent undo em-bare-ass-ment.

  • HighKicksBritt
    December 13 2012, 02:05PM

    I just wanted to confirm that I can bring some high kicks and cartwheels along.

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