10 Business Name Generators to Help You Create Your Brand

When it comes to starting a business, choosing a great name for your new venture is a critical first step towards building a memorable and profitable brand.

But coming up with fresh ideas can sometimes be challenging and it often feels like all the good names are already taken.

To help you find that perfect moniker, we’ve put together this comprehensive list of business name generator tools to make sure your brand gets off on the right foot.

Bonus Guide: "How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name" - a free, comprehensive guide that shows you how to find and choose the right domain to build you brand on. Get the Guide.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator is a free tool from Shopify that automagically combines your keyword with other words to generate a robust list of available domain names.

It's the perfect tool if you're looking for a little bit of creative inspiration and an available domain to match. 

Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search is a handy website that matches your keyword with other words to generate a list of available domain names. You can choose to sort the results by popularity, length or alphabetically, as well as select whether you want the results to start or end with your keyword.

In the example above, I chose to search for available domain names ending with the word case "case". If I was starting a smartphone case company, this would be a great starting point to choose a name that also had a corresponding available domain name. 

Name Mesh

Name Mesh is a tool that allows you to search and create domain names based on a number of different categories. Specifically, you can look up common, new, short, fun (brand-able), and similar domain names with a range of different tlds like .co, .io and more. 

They match your keyword against their database of over six million words and provide you with a wide range of results that should help you get some business name ideas flowing. 


Wordoid is an "intelligent naming tool" that supplies you with a random list of made-up words that "look nice and feel great".
 In other words, if you're looking for a creative name that's brand-able but doesn't necessarily need to make sense, then you might find this tool helpful. 

You can generate a completely random list of words or you can enter a main keyword and their tool will convert it into a "wordoid". 


Dot-o-mator lets you create domain name suggestions using their lists of beginning and ending categories. You enter a word (or words) in the left box, then choose some endings (or type in your own). Click to combine them and Dot-o-mator generates a list of available domain names. If you see a name you like you can save it to your "scratchbox" and keep searching.

For example, I entered the word "shop" and selected the "Tech" category from the "Endings" column and discovered the domain shopbase.com was available. 


NameStation is a domain name generator that creates relevant name ideas, provides search guidance, keyword suggestions and name variations based on your search criteria. You can enter your main keyword and then select the industry or category that best fits your business and NameStation will generate a list of suggested (and available) domain names. 

In the example above, I entered the word "shoe" and selected the "Shopping and Deals" category which allowed me to find available domains like "shoebudget.com" and "shoedime.com". The only drawback is NameStation requires you to login before you can search. 


NXdom is an interactive search engine for available short domain names. Its database contains millions of DNS results for expired and unused domain names. You can search by prefix and suffix, and sort the results by length, readability, and popularity.

Domain Hole

Domainhole offers a suite of domain related tools that let you generate domain ideas including:

  • Expired search: search an up-to-date database of expired domain names.
  • Name Spinner: combine your keyword with hundreds of words to get domain name ideas.
  • Name Generator: generate random, unique, brand-able, and pronounceable domain names.
  • Brainstormer: discover new domains and ideas using our ultimate brainstorming tool.


Bustaname lets you quickly search for available domain names by combining keyword synonyms and prefixes. Enter some keyword ideas and their tool searches combinations of available domain names. In addition, you can add popular prefixes and suffixes like "ly",  "fy", and so on.


Domainr allows you to explore the entire domain name space beyond the obvious .com, .net and .org, and discover new and interesting domain names.

It anonymously logs searches and tracks over 1,700 top-level domains and over 1300 generic TLDs, registrable at one of 219 accredited registrars. If you're looking for a short domain, this is a particularly good tool.


Impossibility! is a simple domain name generator that takes your keyword, combines it with their list of nouns, verbs and adjectives, and then returns a list of unregistered domain names. In addition, you can choose wether you want your keyword to come at the beginning or the end. Their tool uses multiple servers and they are able to provide results extremely fast. 

Hopefully this list of tools will help you generate some ideas and assist you in coming up with the perfect name for your business and brand. If you have any tools that you like and we may have missed here, let us know in the comments.

Bonus Guide: "How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name" - a free, comprehensive guide that shows you how to find and choose the right domain to build you brand on. Get the Guide.

About the Author: Mark Macdonald is the Content Manager at Shopify. Get more from Mark on Twitter and Google+.