Need a little help setting up or running your online store? We've got you covered!

Today we're excited to announce the launch of Shopify Experts! Think of Shopify Experts as an online directory of experienced Shopify pro's that can help you with anything and everything you need for your online store. 

Each and every expert that's listed knows Shopify inside and out. We've categorized the pro's into five different categories:  


These guys can help customize your theme, or even build one from scratch. A designer can do anything you need to make your shop look great.


Need some fancy functionality? Developers can custom create whatever your heart desires. Whether you want a custom cart solution, or even just a few tweaks under the hood - these guys can get it done.


Need a louder megaphone? Marketers can help with Google Adwords, SEO, social media, ad campaigns, public relations, and media outreach.


Need some help finding that Kodak moment? Professional ecommerce photography is an extremely important element of a successful online store - these guys can help! (coming soon)


Once you start bringing in some serious cash flow - you may need some help counting the beans. Here you'll find a group of savvy accountants that know their way around a calculator. (coming soon)

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