Multi-store POS

The point of sale for large retailers

Scale without limits and get the point of sale platform made for seamless multi-store selling.

A customer stands at the checkout counter in a busy store paying for her items using Shopify POS.
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of businesses powered by Shopify


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product updates every year


higher checkout conversion*

*Shopify's overall conversion rate outpaces the competition by up to 36% and by an average of 15%, based on a study completed in April 2023 in partnership with a Big Three global management consulting company.

In-Store Experience

Retail reimagined

Turn more browsers into buyers. Give sales associates the tools to hit sales targets with Shopify’s multi-store point of sale system.

Fast checkouts

Cash out customers up to 2x faster with integrated, reliable hardware that’s ready to take payments as soon as checkout starts.

Supercharged staff

Empower associates to sell up to 20% more per order with software that keeps customer, inventory, and product info at their fingertips.

Easy omnichannel

Boost in-store conversion by up to 40% with omnichannel features like endless aisle available directly in point of sale.

Reported by Olivers & Co., La Portegna, and Ryzon who switched to Shopify POS in 2022.
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Unified Commerce

Expand your channels

Blend in-store and online shopping without complicated workarounds. Manage every channel in Shopify and simplify operations with integrated inventory and order management.

Integrated Data

Centralize your insights

Get real-time reporting across every retail channel. Consolidate sales data in a single system and easily connect it to your ERP with certified integrations.

A screen from the Shopify admin showing inventory levels for multiple SKUs.

Extensible Platform

Customize your point of sale

Forget one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, tailor Shopify Point of Sale to suit your business with both code and no-code options.

Close up on a tablet running Shopify POS on the homescreen. On the right-hand side of the screen is checkout; on the left-hand side is the customizable grid.

Flexible interface

Configure the point of sale home screen to make key workflows easy to access, creating faster customer experiences.

A collection of app icons. In the middle is the Shopify POS logo; around the logo are icons for poular apps: EasyTeam, Filljoy, Zapiet, Optizio, Stocky, Order Printer, Smile, Better Reports, Marsello, and Endear.

Plug-and-play apps

Expand POS functionality in a few clicks with over one hundred apps and embedded extensions in the Shopify App Store.

A custom app being added to Shopify POS: in the foreground the app appears in the POS homescreen; in the background the code required to run the app.

Developer tools

Empower your development team or certified partners to build custom apps with UI extensions, components, and APIs.

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50+ stores450+ staff$14M+ revenue

How The Inspiration Company scaled to over 50+ stores with Shopify POS.

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Multi-Store Features

The integrated solution for retailers

Simplify your tech stack with the multi-store point of sale system by Shopify.

Mobile POS

Empower staff to close sales anywhere with a powerful, portable point of sale system.

Multi-store management

Manage up to 1,000 stores from a central location and boost efficiency with shared workflows.

Online store

Get industry-leading ecommerce, from the best-converting checkout to a fully customizable website.

Omnichannel selling

Sell in store, online, on social media, and more from a single system, no integrations required.

Inventory management

Trust inventory is accurate with real-time updates and anticipate demand with forecasting tools.

Dynamic order routing

Use an integrated order management system to ship orders from the optimal location every time.

Store fulfillment

Turn stores into fulfillment centers and convert more shoppers with BOPIS and endless aisle.

Unified reporting

Simplify decision making with consolidated sales data that connects seamlessly to your ERP.

Customer profiles

Capture data across every channel and turn customer insights into relationships that convert.


Give staff tools to serve shoppers better with purchase histories and loyalty insights in POS.

Seamless discounts

Generate discount codes and promotions that work across every retail channel, online and in store.

Digital marketing

Create more effective campaigns with marketing tools that integrate with customer and sales data.

Cloud-based software

Access your point of sale system anywhere and enjoy unparalleled innovation with ongoing updates.

Reliable hardware

Count on connectivity with Shopify’s collection of award-winning card readers.

Secure payments

Confidently accept cards and digital wallets with Shopify’s built-in payment processor.

Staff management

Track team performance and control access to sensitive information with roles and permissions.

Backed by the world’s best commerce platform

A customer taps a credit card on the POS terminal. Over the image are logos for a selection of Shopify's certified ERP integrations: Bright Pearl, Acumatica, and Oracle Netsuite.

Data security

Trust that cardholder data is safe: all Shopify card readers are PCI compliant.

Platform reliability

Count on connectivity with wired hardware and 99.9% uptime across the Shopify platform.

Unmatched innovation

Get unprecedented access to platform improvements with 200+ new features every year.

Certified integrations

Use third-party integrations to connect Shopify to ERP, CRM, and accounting software.

Rapid implementation

Start selling in 60 days or less and onboard new staff quickly thanks to easy-to-use software.

Migration help

Minimize downtime and move data with support from migration partners through the Shopify Experts Marketplace.

24/7 support

Get help along the way, whether you’re adding new features or experiencing explosive growth.

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Frequently asked questions

A multi-store POS system helps businesses run retail operations across many stores. It keeps track of sales, inventory, and customer information in one place. It allows businesses to watch every store in real time. It also makes sure headquarters has accurate reporting on inventory levels and store performance. By using a multi-store POS system, businesses can save time with shared workflows. In summary, multi-store POS systems make it easy to run large retail operations.
A multi-store POS system helps businesses grow in a few important ways. First, it simplifies how businesses track sales, inventory, and customer information across all their stores. This saves time, which helps businesses focus on growing. Second, it helps businesses manage inventory better. With a multi-store POS it's possible to monitor inventory at every store and avoid stockouts. Finally, a multi-store POS system provides information and reports about sales and performance. This helps businesses make smart decisions and find new opportunities for growth.

When choosing multi-store POS software, these are the features most large retailers look for:

  1. Inventory Management: Does the software help you keep track of how much stock you have in each store? It should tell your team when to order more products and prevent running out of items your customers want.
  2. Reporting and Analytics: Does it provide reports and insights on sales, inventory, and performance? Strong analytics helps your team make better decisions for your business.
  3. Easy to Use: Is the software easy to understand and use? You'll want it to be simple enough that your staff can learn how to use it quickly.
  4. Customer Support: Does the software offer good customer support? It's important to have help available if you run into problems or have questions.

These features can make managing multiple stores easier and more efficient.

Yes, you can manage up to 1,000 retail stores on Shopify POS. Using Shopify POS, you can track and manage inventory across different physical store locations. You can assign inventory to specific stores and keep track of stock levels to avoid running out of products. Best of all, Shopify POS integrates seamlessly with ecommerce. That means you can manage your online store and sales channels in Shopify too.

Yes, Shopify POS can give you real-time visibility into inventory at all your stores. This means you can see how much stock you have available across all your locations at any given time. It also means that sales associates can look up product availability at other locations. If an item isn’t in stock at their store, they can still make the sale and have the item shipped to the customer’s home.

Real-time inventory visibility helps your team manage inventory, avoid running out of popular items, and deliver a great shopping experience to your customers.