Born for Business

Empowerment through entrepreneurship

Shopify Studios and the Emmy Award-winning creators of ‘Born This Way’ are proud to present a captivating docuseries that chronicles the lives of four entrepreneurs with disabilities. Being your own boss isn’t easy, but these entrepreneurs tackle the challenge with grace, courage, and a sense of humor. This must-watch series reveals an insider’s look at what it takes to run a small business.

Follow Chris, Lexi, Collette, and Qiana on their entrepreneurial journeys on ‘Born for Business.’

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Meet the Cast

  • A black and white photo of Qianna Allen. Behind her are yellow graphics and an illustrated green heart.

    Qiana Allen

    Culture’s Closet

    Qiana is a fashionista with lupus who creates clothing for women with curves.

    In 2001, Qiana was experiencing excruciating pain in her leg that made moving impossible. After a series of tests, she was diagnosed with lupus — an autoimmune disease that causes painful inflammation. Despite her diagnosis, Qiana has pursued her dream of being her own boss.

  • A black and white photo of Colette Divitto. Behind her are a green square and an arrow that points to yellow signage that says the words ‘boss.’

    Collette Divitto

    Collettey’s Cookies

    Collette Divitto is a baker with Down syndrome who owns a cookie brand on a mission to create change.

    After graduating from college, Collette struggled to land a job. Prospective employers kept telling her that she “wasn’t the right fit,” so Collette decided to hire herself and start her own cookie business, Collettey’s Cookies. To date, Collettey’s Cookies has sold more than 300,000 cookies and has earned praise from top news outlets, and she has plans to expand her franchise.

  • A black and white photo of Lexi Zanghi. Behind her is a yellow graphic with green illustrated stars.

    Lexi Zanghi

    Always Reason

    Lexi is a millennial entrepreneur with anxiety who runs a fashion-forward brand.

    Lexi, the owner of the trendy womenswear boutique Always Reason is a young woman from Long Island. Lexi has had severe anxiety for several years — at times her anxiety has been so debilitating — leaving the house felt impossible. While Lexi’s anxiety caused her to drop out of college, she has found newfound joy, motivation, and inspiration as an entrepreneur.

  • A black and white photo of Chris Triebes. Behind him is a green graphic X, with little illustrated x shapes.

    Chris Triebes

    The Congregation Presents

    Chris is a driven single dad with spinal muscular atrophy (type III) making waves in the music industry.

    Chris was born with spinal muscular atrophy (type III), a genetic disease that affects his motor neurons and makes movement difficult. At age 21, he broke his clavicle; this further impeded his ability to move, so he began using a wheelchair. Chris has been working hard to make his mark in the music industry.

“I am an entrepreneur because I am a rebel. It’s part of my being. It’s what I do.”

Chris Triebes


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Shopify believes in the transformative power of entrepreneurship. We produced the docuseries ‘Born for Business’ to spotlight diverse entrepreneurial stories and demonstrate how entrepreneurship can empower individuals everywhere.

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