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ILIA creates a flawless front-end digital experience with a headless solution

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ILIA is an award-winning clean beauty brand that helps people protect and revive their skin through safe and potent formulas. ILIA was born on Shopify Advanced but quickly outgrew the platform and upgraded to Shopify Plus to unlock better customization. ILIA looked to a headless solution to serve its wide array of stunning and diverse imagery, helping shoppers find exactly the right shade and colour for their skin type, without creating a clunky or slow web experience.

By developing a headless solution on Shopify Plus, ILIA developers got more freedom to experiment with content types and formats. The approach improved front-end capabilities such as faster page load speed and gave customers a better shopping experience with the “find my shade” and “compare shades” functionality.

 Moving to a headless solution has brought a new way of thinking in terms of content modelling and figuring out all the different content types we can leverage. In the long-term, it's really going to bring more organizational performance, and more streamlined ways of thinking about how to enhance our customers’ shopping experience. 


Albert Chong — Vice President of Digital

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Health, Beauty, and Cosmetics

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Customization, Upgrades

Avec Shopify, ILIA a rapidement obtenu des résultats.


more efficient for developer deployments


decrease in exit rate


improvement in bounce rate

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