Connectors for Shopify Flow

Connect a world of possibilities

With just one connection, instantly integrate the tools Shopify Plus merchants use every day to run their business.

Join an ecosystem

Building a connector not only links your solution to enterprise businesses around the world, but also to an ecosystem of top-tier commerce tools that keep businesses running.

Integrate and automate

Level up your app with instant access to the power of automation. Allow merchants to use data from Shopify and other services to build creative workflows involving your app that weren’t previously possible.

Build what matters

Empower developers to build innovations, not time-consuming integrations with partner APIs. Offload server capacity to Shopify so your app can scale with flash sales and high-growth campaigns.

Build on Shopify Flow’s automation platform

Access the power of automation and an ever-expanding ecosystem without building third-party integrations in house.

How do connectors work?

Create connectors through the app extensions platform so you can easily build triggers and actions and enable them for merchants already using your app. Quickly set up a connector in a web interface built into your partner dashboard.

  1. Start a workflow from an event in Shopify or an app
  2. Set conditions that determine if a workflow should run
  3. End a workflow with a task actioned in your store or app
Trigger:  Customer is “at risk” in LoyaltyLion. Condition:  Customer accepts marketing in Shopify. Action:  Add to win-back email sequence in Klaviyo

Shopify Flow aligns perfectly with our goal to free merchants from process, so they can concentrate on innovation and delighting shoppers.

Charlie Casey — CEO, LoyaltyLion

Check out some of the connectors being added every day.