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ShoppingGives, the leading social impact commerce platform, is the turn-key solution for socially conscious brands to accelerate their growth through integrated social impact. Our suite of social impact marketing technologies enables a data-driven approach to cause-marketing, empowering brands to create more authentic, higher-converting customer experiences by promoting corporate social responsibility while maintaining cause marketing regulation, enabling donations 1.8M+ 501c(3) nonprofits.

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The customer has the ability to choose the organization that she’s passionate about, it’s easy, it’s just so simple, it’s seamless. Customers that shop and choose to donate on their first purchase come back 7 days sooner than any other shopper.

Susan W. Morrissey, Founder & CEOWhite + Warren

From a customer perspective, knowing that your purchase can go towards a charity that means something to you is so powerful, and helps to gain more comfort and trust in the brand. We’ve seen really great success, and it [impact messaging] actually outperformed our other creative pieces.

Christopher Roth, Founder & CEOHighline Wellness

Living in San Diego we spend a lot of time at the beach and in the ocean. We wanted the opportunity to give back to an ecosystem we get so much from and that’s why we partnered with Surf Rider to help protect thousands of miles of coast line.

Melissa Parvis, Co-Founder & PresidentFresh Clean Tees