Kickstart your career. Grow your skills. Make an impact. Let’s get shit done.

Make a real (big) impact

Whether you care deeply about engineering, design, development, or research, the opportunity to shape how entrepreneurs around the world do business, is in your hands.

Within weeks of starting an internship at Shopify, you’ll make changes that impact millions of customers globally.

Quote from: Tobias Lütke Chief Executive Officer
Tobias Lütke Chief Executive Officer

Own your work

We treat people like adults, and interns like permanent employees. You’ll work on real projects, solve real problems, and gain feedback along the way. We provide the tools you need, and trust you to take ownership and make the right decisions.

As an intern, you can use your time to learn and experiment, before diving deep into something.

Quote from: Lea Abboud Partners Growth Intern
Lea Abboud Partners Growth Intern

I love being part of one focused team where everyone is working towards the same goal.

Quote from: Omar Ramalho Front End Developer Intern
Omar Ramalho Front End Developer Intern
Caroline Gonzales (left) and Skye Zhang (right) Intern and Design Mentor

Grow your skills and yourself

Shopify started with a small group of people, a shit ton of questions, and an obsession with personal growth. We didn’t have all the answers, and you won’t be expected to either. Show up eager to learn, grow, and be challenged, and you’ll do great at Shopify.

My mentors were always supportive, readily available, and prioritized my success and learning.

Quote from: Caroline Gonzales Design Intern

Level up your teamwork skills

Everyone is open to share and collaborate at Shopify. You’ll be surrounded by people who care deeply about the work they do, and endless opportunities to learn from them.

Hone your craft

Growth happens when we experiment, take risks, get out of our comfort zone, and learn new skills. We will encourage you to do all of those things.

Kickstart your career

Wherever work takes you, the Shopify internship program will prepare you with the skills and experience to make an impact. And who knows, like many of our interns, you might return or join us full-time.


Share amazing experiences with people who care deeply about collaboration, growth, and the work they do.

Frequently asked questions

  • Who can apply?

    Internships at Shopify are open to anyone, not just students. Experience and education come in many forms, and we love when people create their own path. Just be sure to read postings fully for application requirements.

  • When do you hire interns?

    Generally, we hire interns for Summer, Fall, and Winter terms, for 4 or 8 month internships. Applications will open about 4 months in advance of a term.

  • How do I apply?

    When you find an internship that gets you fired up, read the posting fully, note all requirements, and apply online through our Intern Careers page.

  • Are they all tech internships?

    No way! While our focus is on internships in RnD disciplines, you don’t have to be a software developer to intern at Shopify. Our internship opportunities vary depending on business needs, but they can include positions in UX Research, Design, and Content Strategy to name a few. Check this page often to see the most up to date openings.

  • What kind of projects are given to interns?

    Psych! We treat interns like full-time Shopifolk. You’ll work on real projects, with dedicated mentors, and have a real impact on the work, our platform, and our culture.

  • Are they paid internships?

    Absolutely. We compensate our interns competitively so they can focus on learning, growth, and building for the long term.

  • What do you look for in an applicant?

    Passion, curiosity, and authenticity. We love working with people who are passionate about their work and the problems they solve. We look for constant learners, who ask a lot of questions, and learn beyond what’s expected. We hire people who are genuine, and truly themselves in every situation.

  • What is the team structure? Where do interns fit in?

    Team structure will vary, but all interns can expect to be welcomed by a team, and hit the ground running. You’ll be paired with a mentor who will show you around and help you grow, and you’ll work alongside full-time Shopifolk, on the projects they’re working on.