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Solve real problems

“You are making a significant impact as an intern. It's exhilarating building new features for Shopify because you know there are hundreds of thousands of merchants who will use it!”

Kat Drobjnakovic

Summer 2015, now full-time
uOttawa, Software Engineering

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Ship real projects

“My craziest project involved working directly with the operations team and a mega celebrity, to ensure his store launch would go flawlessly. Working on a project from start to finish and hearing all the feedback was awesome.”

Abdou Sarr

Summer 2015, returning
Sir Robert Borden High School

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See real growth

“Everyone here wants to learn and improve, which drove me to get better and progress. It makes it really easy to grow when your coworkers treat you like a full-time employee.”

Jonathan Kwok

Fall 2015, now full-time
UBC, Computer Science


At Shopify, everyone gets to be themselves. You’ll be surrounded by people who care deeply about the work they do and are excited to share and collaborate. We are here to create amazing things together.

We’ll encourage you to experiment, take ownership, and pursue the things you care about. If you make a mistake? That’s ok – learn from it, and share your experience with the team.

Take a look at the kinds of projects our interns have worked on

Shopify Timeline

With Timeline, we’re introducing a better way for you and your team to communicate, collaborate, and solve problems.

Evan Simoni, Designer

Voice and Style Guide

Developing a brand identity for the Shopify Partners team.

Gillian Massel, Content Strategist


Frenzy is a mobile app that lets merchants sell to their most loyal customers in an exciting new way.

Megan Boudreau, Developer

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Here’s some advice to get you started

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“Don’t worry about what you don’t know. Show us that you’re eager and ready to learn.”

Gillian Massel

Summer 2015, now full-time

Photo of Jonathan

“You can show that you are a fun and interesting person. It’s all the different and quirky personalities here at Shopify which makes it such a great workplace!”

Jonathan Smith

Summer & Fall 2015

Photo of Michael

“For technical interviews, don’t fixate on solving the problem correctly. How you approach the problem and what you do when you get stuck are equally important.”

Michael Lutaaya

Summer & Fall 2014, 2015

Photo of Jess

“Do your homework on Shopify and the role. Be authentic. Show us what you’re passionate about, and don’t be nervous! It’s just a casual conversation.”

Jess Verbruggen

Summer & Fall 2015, now full-time

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Developer Intern


Fall 2017

Design Intern


Developer Intern


Winter 2018

Developer Intern

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